Testing Testing 123

I thought i would give this a try seeing as blogger is playing up a lot nowaday,i am not sure if i’m gunna like this but it’s worth a try.

New bits of kit always take a bit of getting used to so softly softly for now.Muppets

Muppets indeed..Just fucking about with it trying to suss it out,Yes i know theres a FAQ..who reads um eh?

Anyroad i had a load of bother shit trying to bring my blogger postings over here so i knocked that on the head swiftly,to fucking involved for me.

Anyroad i’m off to get ready for the factory so i will mess with this when i have more time,How do ya get more time?

Stay safe folks.


One Response to “Testing Testing 123”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Nice to see you’ve moved over to a decent blogging engine away from that crapola!

    I’m sure you’ll be impressed with WordPress. Been using it for years and I’ve always been well impressed.

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