Here we are then.

 After all the crap i had trying to rid myself of that logo that keepsmiling was jumping up and down about i have killed off the Muses..Its dead deleted never to return..But i still live,Dispite some others who would have liked me to dissapear up my own arse.

Anyroad this is where i will be posting from now on!

Stay safe.


4 Responses to “Here we are then.”

  1. Janet Says:

    dang, all those lovely posts gone forever! You ought to have copied and pasted some of the best and saved them on your computer.

  2. Janet Says:

    where’s that hugely entertaining avatar of yours? It wouldn’t be the same without it!

  3. Barnze Says:

    i did save um,but had no end of shite trying to import um over.

  4. Aunt Jackie Says:

    O.k… looks like I was able to find ye… Yes, I agree–I do love those punk photos myself!! Ok, all set for Barnze part 2 here, sorry that you had trouble over at blogger and lost old posts…
    Janet–good advice… maybe I should do a back-up just in case–better safe. 🙂 You guys have a great day… bookmarkin ya… Jac

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