Yesterday after a 13 hour night shift i was woken by screaming kids at about 10:00 then again at 12:00 so i got out of bed feeling shite,Just managed my shift last night without dropping into a coma,Staggered home this morning,fell into bed and slept till 14:00 waking in the same position i went to sleep in.Now i have a headache like i have had a dozen pints of ale….I hate kids!

On the way into the factory i saw one of our local scrotes “Jake” throwing fireworks at passing folks,I realy did will him to lose an eye or something ,I wonder if i need a psychiatrist or a snipers rifle?

Anyroad half way through the working week and a medieval feast to look forward to,oh and a bit of painting in the great hall here at Barnze Towers all with the added bonus of having the Lovely Mrs B off work for the week.I love it when a plan come together!

 Right i’m off to pack my snap box,I hope you all made it through the weekend safe and sound.Have a good one.


Have a safe one tomorrow children!

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