Brief encounters.

I managed to see the lovely Mrs B for 30 seconds last night on the way into the factory,A quick kiss and away for my bus, Sometimes the nights shift can get in the way of things but it has it’s pluses!

It’s time for another bowling night this week,i’n not sure how well Ken the Bubble’s replacement can bowl but we are confident of lifting the trophy this time. It all depends on the before pre match drinks that me n Big Paul are prone to have. So it’s the “Go Lightlys” chance to take back the cup on Thursday, It’s gunna be a bit odd what with the new line up..

Go Lightlys


Annie Go Lightly

Big Paul

Teflon Barnze

 Mal The Plod

(Sub) Wee Jimmy


The Balls Up’s


M C.Cotton

Dark n Devious

Bionic Mart

Phil the Lathe

(Sub) Wee Jimmy

Stand by to get your arses kicked lads…….

Nowt can be said about morale at the factory this week as we hold a memorial service for it on Thursday,a few of us will be doing the readings as we send it to it’s rest.

United we stand

On a more lifting subject i hear that the cunt who lets the safety systems down (And gave me the finger for finding her at it) is fucking off back to South Africa….Good riddance to a useless piece of shit there.

Anyroad i’m off to find my scarf for tonights trip into work,It’s cold & wet out there tonight.Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

2 Responses to “Brief encounters.”

  1. Janet Says:

    Teflon Barnze, eh? Keep us posted!

  2. barnze Says:

    That 16 pounder slips from my fingers like an eel in a bucket of snot!
    I will post the results on Friday..Its coming home ,it’s coming home!

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