Some folks….

I hit the beer a bit too much last night and this morning it’s hitting back..Still i should be match fit for tonights bowling, Me and Kev the builder are going round on snagging jobs today so my gaffers hat is on again,should be done for dinner time i hope. I’m glad i aint gotta use any tools today,i reckon i would have some fuckers eye out in my state.

There is some confusion on the team line up for tonights match,The Ball’s Up team have lost a man,MC is a no show so a sub for them then.We have renamed the trophy to the Ken the Bubble cup, a fitting tribute to a mate amoungst the olive groves i reckon,I wonder if he will send over some sponsership cash?

Anyroad Kevs here so we are off out doing the “Do be do be doo” bit..

Take care & stay safe.

Final thoughts…Shame on you.


2 Responses to “Some folks….”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Went bowling for our Christmas do. Bambi let the ball go on her backswing. We parted like the red sea as it went by. Her next one she let go on her forward swing but too high. It went over two lanes like a bouncing bomb. Would you like Bambi to pop over and join in?

  2. barnze Says:

    Sounds like our sort of bowling that!!! She woul fit in well on our team.

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