Ohhhhh scary….

After walking around the shops today i ended up with chicken,you know how it is when nothing springs to mind for dinner? Still a few pieces of southern fried to pick at is ok i reckon.

Young Master B has fallen for the hype about Saw 3 and reckons folks are staggering out of the cinema pukeing all over the place,it reminds me the the crap about groups of nuns outside cinema during the first run of the Exorcist.Mind you it ain’t stopped him going to see it.I saw the first two films and enjoyed them for the special effects so i am looking forward to seeing No 3.I am partial to some blood n guts me.

Anyroad i’m off to get the dinner ready for the return of the lovely Mrs B,Have a good weekend you lot and take care out there it’s a fucking jungle.

3 Responses to “Ohhhhh scary….”

  1. Mal The Plod Says:

    did you know the paving slabs in slab square are all individual every one a different size. They are made in China (Like Pork Balls) and if 1 cracks they have to have it specialyy shipped over. Thats where ur community tax goes!!

  2. farmer dave Says:

    just watch saw 1 last weekend i enjoyed it meself but a bit of a silly ending to be honest but all round good film so iam going to watch saw 2 this weekend and see what that brings, i still think the nightmare on elm street are good films tho

  3. barnze Says:

    @ Mal..You mean just like the olden days when you just chopped a slab out of the ground and laid it..So much for modern theh eh?

    @ Dave..Exorcist scared me..

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