Bonfire night fizzer


Gutted to see the local scrotes with no bandages on today,It would have been good to see one of um burnt to fuck but no,nothing to laugh at at all realy. Seems to me that saturday night had the best display leaving Bonfire night a bit of a damp squib.Do you know that for 12 years of my life i was an Explosives Engineer and had some of the worlds most powerfull fireworks in my hands everyday,Mind you there aint much call for those skills nowadays but during my time down many mines around the world i must have used hundreds of tons of high explosives,Life was always a bang at the end of the working day in those days.ahh nostalgia,Don’t ya love it?

Anyroad i’m off fill young Master Bs pillow case with shoes.Have a good one & remember once the fuse is lit retire to a safe distance.

3 Responses to “Bonfire night fizzer”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I think that is pretty cool looking though…

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    used to last 2 maybe 3 days at most. now it’s on for a fuckin’ month!!!

  3. barnze Says:

    A lot of money made from the misery caused.

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