Dorian Grey revisited


A knock on the door early this morning heralded the delivery of my portrait after its national tour,Cheers once again to artist Rob James for giving me the portrait,Kind of spooky having a painting of yourself i reckon but i shall be hanging myself in the Great Hall as soon as we have done the last bits of work in there

I am now just about topside of this software and find it ok to work with,though i have no idea how to set up my archives in the side bar yet (Any tips would be welcome) but other than that it’s going ok. Oh and what a brill idea of auto save part way through a posting…The times Blogger fucked up and killed a post was too many to count.

A nice crisp Autumn morning today with the sun shining and birds singing,it makes ya feel good to be alive! Loads of stuff planned for the next few days, some business some pleasure and all with the lovely Mrs B,It’s one of those lucky months i reckon,I can feel it in my water.

Anyroad were off to get things done,have a good one most of you & stay safe out there. Lions & Tigers & Bears,Oh My.

10 Responses to “Dorian Grey revisited”

  1. the cappuccino kid Says:

    “i will be hanging myself in the great hall”
    are things that bad in bandit country?
    you need to relax, settle down with mrs barnze, and listen to some good music.
    heres a thought, you tried the barnsley sime show on scooter-forums radio on a saturday?
    i know. i have no shame!
    that painting of you is growing on me. what you reckon it’s worth? possible antiques roadshow material in a few years?

  2. barnze Says:

    Nowt wrong wiv no shame.a lot of folks have the same thing.Take it from me i know!

  3. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Don’t get Aunt Jackie started on shame–hehe I don’t want to make any hairs curl!! ha-ha…. Barnze, I think it’s a fine painting (although I could’ve done an even finer one)… It will look great wherever you hang it.

    Cappy you’re so funny!! I’ll be posting my tattoo this week… promise!

  4. barnze Says:

    So your an artist eh Jackie? Perhaps i shoul do a sitting.

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    That would be neat… Too bad I can’t do one for you from a copy of one of your old punk photos, that would be the greatest! Yes, Aunt Jackie was blessed with nothing but talent… (arts/music), i’m workin on the book smarts… hehe Hey at least I try.

  6. Four Dinners Says:

    mailed Robotjam for a price to do me. Meant to ages back when yours first popped up. Done it now. Dinners in oil eh? Long as it isn’t a deep fat fryer

  7. barnze Says:

    ..@ Jackie..I could mail ya my photo ,i did a simlar thing with Rob..

    ..@ 4D. Nice one mate.Rob sends you updates on the ongoing work,It’s good to see the painting take shape over time..Done in oil then hung..Sounds like the punk thing to do eh?

  8. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I’ve been so involved in all this music and computer projects that I have neglected my painting a while, would be a great excuse to force myself into some accomplishments… sounds great to me–You too 4 Dinz… I love to paint people… send me an email at you all and discuss with me specifics like what mood you’d like to portray, you know, your taste… If I did the painting(s) I want to really make it speak of ‘who you are’… Would be so cool!

  9. barnze Says:

    @..Jackie..picture on its way as i type..Get stuck in.

  10. Janet Says:

    Glad you could post the portrait! And I love the auto save feature too.

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