Morning after…


Ouch my head…Well we had a good craic last night,The food was good the beers was good the entertainment was good and only one numpty got out of order (Theres always one eh?) thats him in the striped shirt,he got right off his trolly and fast.

A bit gutted to find that Robin Hood was only a little bloke who likes to walk on broken glass though,The musician and the jester were brill,And it was good to see some falconry presented by a Vinnie Jones lookalike,all in a good night out,As for the fancy dress i opted for the friar tuck look and Mrs B went for the  Lady of the manor,Mind you some of the guests turned up as Bat Girl,Cat woman ,And Super Girl, all   a bit out of place at a medievil function but each to their own eh?   

This morning my head was fit to bust,i never realised how much ale we had banged down us during our six hour stint,it must be stone mugs we were drinking out of that done it!

I even managed to get a photo of a legless ghost of a serving wench         

All good fun though i have been to better functions simlar to it.

Anyroad i’m off to fill the composting bin.

Have a good one & stay safe.

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5 Responses to “Morning after…”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I’m telling ya you are on to something with the foot snappies… cool… good pics, looks like a fun time. Wouldn’t be fun if someone didn’t cause a scene here or there huh… Have a good one.

  2. barnze Says:

    Ya gotta get ya feet in the pictures…Its tradition!

  3. Blog Girl Says:

    Nice site, happy click and commnet day.

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    Sounds like a crackin’ night. I’d’ve gone with me Homer head on so maybe supergirl wasn’t too bad.

  5. barnze Says:

    Homer would have fitted in with the rest there.Super girl had a bit of weight to her..Not nice….

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