Status quo.


A crap band i reckon!

After a few days of meetings at the factory i am now getting back on the shop floor at the end of the month,when the training programme ends, Thank fuck for that!

Do you know what its like when someone comes to your door from another planet? Well it happened to me last night,we were expecting a delivery from one of our outside caterers & when the knock came on the door i was in for a suprise as the delivery bloke went on and on about road tax,immigrants getting everything for nothing & the local council plotting against him,Mrs B reckoned he was a care in the community case,i reckoned he was from the planet yarlog,When he started shouting about how “All them forigeners are taking all our stuff” i had to get rid of him..All this chelp from a delivery bloke from our local chinese take away!!!! Where do these uninformed bigoted twats come from?

A family night out tonight as me n Mrs B are joined by Young Master B & his girlfriend “Caz” (Something to do with casbars  i reckon though i never see her on the markets) at one of our favorite eating establishments Antalya for a feast of turkish snap and a bit of belly dancing,mind you having two teenages at ya table ain’t my idea of gripping conversation,But according to the rules of engagement its the done thing,I just hope young Master B will let go of Caz’s hand during the meal….One in the Bell after the meal them i’m bunging him a 20 and buggering them off,ya cant have um getting in the was of business! Much as i love him i hate teenagers!

Stay safe out there folks,There are nutters on the streets.

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4 Responses to “Status quo.”

  1. Janet Says:

    You’ll be lucky if they aren’t swallowing each others’ tongues before the food arrives. Your plan to get rid of them is a good one!

    as far as the link, there are a lot of drunken nutters out there. It isn’t safe for a woman to be alone anywhere anymore at any time of day or night, and that’s sad.

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Did you say “engagement”?? Is Young Master B about to leave the nest?? Barnze, I understand your feelings totally about teenagers/kids alot of the time… I don’t have any, wasn’t planning any so I hope it’s the right choice.
    You guys sound like a lovely family however.

  3. barnze Says:

    @ Janet..True to say it is a sad world we live in nowadays.

    @ Aunt Jackie..Not that sort of engagement,Blimy i reckon we will need explosives to get him out of barnze Towers!

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    S’ok I’m indoors tonight. The streets are safe! Was the delivery guy Chinese? Makes it even more bizarre if he was.

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