Oh what a beauty!


What a lovely morning,Sun shining, birds singing, a bacon sanger and a mug of tea and the company of the lovely Mrs B. It’s good to be alive!

Still no crimbo shopping done and to tell the truth i ain’t realy fussed, i hate shopping for other folks though i can go in and out of the shops in a flash if i am buying for myself, Cash in an envelope looks on the cards for this year, Lick n stick …Merry Christmas…Job Done!

Anyroad i’m off to mop the kitchen floor,See ya in in the trip tonight!

Take care & stay safe.

8 Responses to “Oh what a beauty!”

  1. cind Says:

    Can’t be arsed meself – used to just lick n stick but since I don’t buy cards anymore, I just give the kids n nephews a bit o cash. They’re at that age now where that’s just what they want anyway.
    Although I have said to my two that this year we’re going to spend chrissy day in a soup kitchen givin’ food to the homeless – didn’t go down too well!
    I’ve also told ’em that I’m going to adopt a near extinct animal for ’em – that was OK with Bobs (daughter) but still got the look of disdain from Bleedin’ nuisance (son)!!

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    You got the right idea going there… I can’t get shopping either, and people never like what u buy them, a gift card or money is tops… x

  3. Powder Says:

    Orange Fanta! YUMMY!!

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    Now that’s my kind of pub. Have a good session.

  5. her indoors Says:

    i just love xmas shopping! yep i love it! Why? cause i take himself and his flexable friend with me!

  6. farmer dave Says:

    my crimbo shop is done in all one day, in and out like a militry operation anyone gets in my way tough shit lol they will be wiped out for crimbo day its self iam not sure what iam doing yet if i dont fall ill like ive done on the last 5 crimbo days ill be laying on the sofa watching some junk on telly and stuffing my face with chocs and drinking a few mr hen’s

  7. robotJAM Says:

    Chrimbo should be banned until december anyway. Is it me or is every one shopping early this year ?

    My personal plan is to buy everything on line. If it can;t be ordered then they don’t get it.

  8. barnze Says:

    Envelopes it is..Oh and the annual wine for my work mates,Can’t forget them now can i?

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