It’s out there on our streets..


What about this pair of Wankers eh?

Then we got another stabbing.

Then this. And this.

Well fucked up this week,though i reckon we here in Hood Town must have run out of bullets as we ain’t had a shooting for a few weeks!

Mind you our local gang of scrotes seem to be thin on the ground over the last few week so it ain’t all bad news,well it is for the area our cunts have set up camp in but while they ain’t pissing up my fence i don’t give a fuck.

I have topped up on cough syrup and pills so now i’m off to get wrapped up on the setee and watch a few more episodes of the Adventures of Robin Hood. And as i feel like death warmed up i ain’t cooking tonight so it’s outside caterers for us,i hope that goes ok with the lovely Mrs B,Hey i’m too weak to peel an onion…Honest!

Stay safe dear reader.

7 Responses to “It’s out there on our streets..”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Nottingham is clearly having some serious issues, I feel really safe in London to be honest.

  2. Janet Says:

    Keep your head away from windows. Feel better soon!

  3. barnze Says:

    Nothing new in crime up here nowadays Dan,London has its shite as we do,I reckon it’s nationwide!

  4. Aunt Jackie Says:

    London, isn’t that where they spy got nuked??

  5. barnze Says:

    Thats the place Jackie..Straight off the pages of an Ian Flemming novel eh?

  6. the cappuccino kid Says:

    “kismet” kebabs. lets hope eh?

  7. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Truly! Sounds to me like there’s nowhere to run and hide now.

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