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Happy birthday lovely.

December 31, 2006


Happy birthday to the lovely Mrs B, i am lucky enough to be the one who gets to share the day with her.

Nearly 20 years since i first set eyes on the then to be Mrs Bs bum, Honest the first time i saw her she was bending over with her back to me,I knew then that that was the arse girl for me,looking back it seems like it happened a few weeks ago but a lot of time has passed and we have shared some great experiances together,We have watched the flying foxes roost,Swam with dolphins,Rescued stray dogs,Held hands on a tropical isle,Fed pelicans during our lunch,I once made her nose bleed,She once blacked my eye,Swam naked at midnight,Fumbled about in many an elevator and countless more little things that have for me made to be a rich and full life.

Happy birthday lovely,Here’s to 20 more years of those little things that make us who we are!


Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.

December 30, 2006


Well that’s sorted Sadam and a couple of his pals out,All done in the best possible taste i’m sure. They shant be bad lads no more now will they! Justice is done i reckon.

Stay Safe.

Tired n that.

December 30, 2006

Just one more shift then i’m off for four days with the lovely Mrs B,Though as it’s her birthday on the 31st i have to sort out a few bits,but other than that we are free to do as we please. We are still in discussion about our hols this year (I fancy another week afloat on the Broads) so some planning needs to be done to sort those out.

Then there is the 20th anaversary ball to sort out,of course all my readers bar a few will be invited for potted meat cobs and a bottle of pop.

I reckon we will be out for a meal down at Antalya for a meal while we are off as we missed out on Boxing day and it has become a bit of a tradition now to visit over the festive season,Plus we always come home with a freebie when we shake the bosses hand at this time of year.

Anyroad time to shower n all that ready for my shift,Enjoy the weekend folks and Stay Safe.

Another loon on the prowl.

December 29, 2006

I must have slept like a baby today cuz i woke up covered in shit.

I heard that one over the crimbo period and just had to drop it in..


We have some sort of serial sex attacker wandering around the streets of Hood Town at the moment,I mean it’s bad enough creeping up and sticking his hand up ya arse but from what i read he is gunna be raping some poor fucker if he don’t get caught,i suggest snipers posted all over to take him out. One round one kill!

Anyroad i’m off to butter my cobs,Have a good one you lot,and take care out there.

This bloke told me.

December 28, 2006


The mill is churning out stuff as i sit here,A bloke told me that the twat who lives in the corner house,The one who’s car alarm goes off every time he gets in it , Is moving..I only hope that’s true. but pity goes to the poor fuckers he moves next to.

Also on the wind,big changes at the factory in January,Well not long to wait for that to pan out then. A lot of chuntering going on and a few long faces about,Perhaps Easter island is the place for um eh?

Then a bloke with a gammy leg & an old grey nosed dog told me that a new local supermarket is opening up next year,Now that does chuff me no end as i hate giving the CO-OP a penny of my cash.

Keep churning old faithful mill…

Have a good one and Stay Safe out there.

Back to the factory.

December 27, 2006

That’s crimbo n my birthday out of the way for another year,Mrs Bs birthday coming up (31st)  then we have the quiet couple of months,Nice!

Back to work tonight so no filling up on chockies n beer for me,mind you i reckon a few days off will do me good as my trousers seem to have shrunk in the wash!!!
Oh and look at this…i like it.
Anyroad i’m off to get my snap sorted,Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Today i am mostly having my birthday cake.

December 26, 2006

It’s my birthday today,49 i am now,At one time thought i would never make 30 but here i am 49 with a bathrobe and slippers,no pipe though,Anyroad crimbo was good for us here at Barnze Towers,a nice meal a few beers and the odd glass of fizz made our day a good one.

It is the first crimbo that me n the lovely Mrs B have had on our own for a few years i can tell you and with no plans to stick to it went well.

Mind you not having the craic with our dads was missed but that did not spoil the rest and relaxation of the day,And as i am now officialy an old fart it only seems fitting that i nip up to the local pub and moan about how” all this was fields when i was a lad” and “It was nine n a half pence a pint when i first came in here” you know the sort of thing?

Anyroad im off to soak my feet,”Shoes aint as good as they were when i was a lad”

Have a good one..i will!

I hate that bitch!

December 24, 2006

Well only one more sleep til the fat man gets here,i hope you have all been good this year or there will be nowt in you stockings!!!

I for one will be well glad to see the back of this year, what with losing another member of the family,shit at the factory and all the other shite thrown at us over the last few months i’m looking forward to a new year of normality!

It was good to see my old mate Mas pop up in a comment box today,Me n him go back well over 30 years,from skinny dipping in the Trent whilst full of ale to falling off the back of a speeding motorbike, Good times, And scars to prove it!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the Two Ronnies (Again) so have a happy christmas all of you apart from the ilegal alien Stephanie, the bag of useless idle shit who abused me at the factory and has still not fucked off back to South Africa, ” Your visa has expired so fuck off out of the country you cunt” I will try my hardest to find someone to help you leave you slack arsed cunt!

Catch you all later in the week.

Faith restored!

December 21, 2006

Ain’t crimbo brill? The bosses at the factory have come good with a christmas bonus, A small goose,a bottle of port,a selection of cheeses,A bottle of brandy,a christmas pud and a £1000 for eace one of us, Plus an all expenses paid night out at a top hotel here in Hood Town,And a haircut for all our wives(Saving us at least 70 quid).Gorr bless the guvnors one and all.

Thats bollocks as we got a 25 quid gift voucher and a diary but thats good enough for me as last year i got fuck all.

The last shift in the morning then it’s tracky bottoms and my bestest dossing shirt for a few days,And after the shit sleeps this week i reckon i will spend most of the time kipping! Oh and it’s my birthday on Boxing day so if you see me out get me a pint and feel free to slip me a pony!

Have a great christmas but don’t loose sight of what it’s all about…Get as much as you can for fuck all!

Ho Ho Ho.

Oh and stay safe out there as the nutters on the streets still work at this time of year.

Busy week

December 21, 2006

Not much chance to catch up here this week what with it being near to crimbo and loads of shit to do, Good to see another coller tugged in the Suffolk murder case and a laugh at the pissed up bishop,I reckon best story of the week.

Anyroad i’m off for a few days so i will catch you all after crimbo.

Have a good christmas folks and Stay Safe