It’s a poor show when a chap of 93 can’t remain safe in his own home and i suppose if the cunts that did this deed get caught we will be expected to understand um..String the cunts up i say,Public executions is the way to go!

Sickening to read such crap. 93 years old and robbed! WHY?

Has the whole respect thing gone up it’s own arsehole?

Time to take up snipers position i reckon,Slip on a hood and get amoungst these scrotes with a nice hard piece of 4 by 2. A bit of justice paid out by those of us who have just about had a belly full of this sort of shit!

Shame on you,You bastards.


7 Responses to “Bastards.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    say when and where. we’ve got em here n all. 15 year old bashed a granny and nicked her pension. He got a few hours community service. Sooner or later someone will snap. A son or a husband or a wife or a brother or a father and then it’ll begin.

  2. her indoors Says:

    it is just so sick, i hate reading an hearing about things like this i get so mad, and the worst of it is you know if they get caught they will only get a slap on the hand, hang the bastards i agree

  3. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I think if everyone offered up more severe, or public executions that maybe people would think twice before committing ridiculous and horrible crimes… They deserve it. I think it’s a fine idea. And an eye for an eye… AJ

  4. dan Says:

    it’s time they brought back the cane at school and the death penalty.

    in the days of DNS they should hang the lot of the bastards who do this sort of thing.

    and i can say this knowing that one of my ancestors was the last person to be publicly gibbeted in my area back in 1815.

    auntie jackie is spot on with those public executions.

  5. dan Says:

    bollocks! stupid keyboards. meant DNA

  6. cincity_uk Says:

    Sickenin’ isn’t it. I often wonder how they’d feel if someone did that to their grandad or grandma.
    I heard on the news this week that a survey revealed most young people who commit muggings don’t actually do it for the cash – it’s a status thing!!! Twats.
    Sniper number two here ready for duty Captain Barnze suh :-}

  7. barnze Says:

    Thats that then ,bring on the hangman!

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