Bah Humbug

Tried a bit of shopping today,Town is full of shoppers!! What’s all that about? Bloody christmas get in the way of things,What with lines of scrotey mothers with snot nosed kids waiting to get into a shed sprayed whith with a bloke dressed in a red suit fooling um he is the real santa…I hate christmas!

Still full of flu and sick of it.

I’m off for a fist full of fags and a beer.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas.

9 Responses to “Bah Humbug”

  1. cind Says:

    What I wanna know is why does everybody leave it until December? Runnin’ about like headless chickens in the name of Chrimbo shopping – it’s ridiculous. I won’t go near town in December incase I kill someone (accidentally of course)! ;-}

  2. barnze Says:

    Even a line up for a sausage roll at Gregs..Bastards.

  3. her indoors Says:

    i love christmas shopping! yeah you get pushed and shoved and trod on its so much fun! but its great getting your own back! done quite a bit of mine on line this year. hope the fags and beer help you get over it!

  4. barnze Says:

    Next year i’m shopping in one of those disabled scooter things,Brill for running up the heels of folks…Them things piss me off unall!

  5. sara Says:

    I hate Xmas shopping when everywhere’s busy Barnze – does my head in it really does.

  6. Barnze Says:

    I always say i’m gunna get the shopping done early and never do,Thing is i just can’t get motorvated to shop for other folks..Perhaps i’m just a tight get!

  7. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I think I grow more anti-social by the year, and just don’t like shopping out there no matter what time of the year it is because people are so rude. Christmas season, however, takes it to a whole nastier level. 😦

    Good luck and stay clear of the maniacs out there!

  8. John A Thomson Says:

    Is it my imagination or are the shops full of shite this year!

  9. barnze Says:

    The crimbo period brings out the crap,But folks buy it????

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