Too much arse’n about.

Looks like part of Hood Town has a fire bug problem now i myself do like a bit of a fire (Candles are a draw for me) but sparking up some fuckers house for kicks is a bit out of my league,I did once work with a convicted arsonist (Known as Mad Mick) who was a nice bloke but every now & then if the subject cropped up he loved to talks about fires. It must be a strong draw for those of that type! Anyroad we got one one on the loose,With a bit of luck our local gun slingers will take him/her out.

One more shift to do and i am feeling a bit better though i ain’t had a good nights sleep for about a month now, Roll on those days off i say!

Right i’m off to superglue my japs eye closed.

Have a good one and Stay Safe.


5 Responses to “Too much arse’n about.”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    ive been suffering with sleep loss and it can be a bugger, but think the worse is over now cos iam sleeping like a baby again, at one point i was being awake for 60hours at a time lol that was bad felt like a i was on another world but should pass like mine did but i did get meself to the docs to check it out tho just to make sure notes wrong

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Namaskara Barnze. Nannu hesaru Aunt Jackie!! 🙂 (I’m learning Kannada Indian at work this week) hehe

    Get you some sleep Barnze–that’s half of what helps you get over your ailments is a rested body!! You are gonna have to rest up… pronto!

    Ciao (yeah i’m all mixed up) Have a good one!

  3. the cappuccino kid Says:

    I’M SORRY? did i read that right? super glue your what now?

  4. Lee Says:

    Arse’n – my favourite line from Wallace and Grommet!

  5. barnze Says:

    Sleep…need sleep….

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