Oh happy days.


The days off are finaly here,No alarm in the morning so hopefully i will catch up on some sleep!!!

The weather is a bag of shit at the moment and its good to be indoors,Crumpets n stew weather i reckon though tonight it’s spare ribs n chips,not quite the winter fare i was hoping for but it’ll do.

A couple of bottles of wine and a few beers chilling in the fridge and the prospect of snuggling up to the lovely Mrs B has put a warm glow on me!

I have been out of my shift pattern for far to long now and i have loads of stuff to catch up on so i will be busy for a couple of days.and what with crimbo being just a few sleeps away there will be no rest!

Some good new is that the BBc are trying to get Matt Lucas to play Friar Tuck in the second series of Robin Hood..Good idea that as they reckoned that the character of Tuck was out of order owing to him being fat?? Rubbish! Get Tuck into the series as he is a part of the legend of Robin Hood you numptys.

Anyroad it’s time i got started on the snap, Have a good one dear reader and .


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