Due to staffing changes at the factory the Go Lightlys will never be able to play together as a team again and all our social nights out have come to an end. Bad news that as i reckon a good night out with your work mates is good for team spirit in and outside work,As we all work on different shifts now we are fucked!!

Mind you the christmas bottle of wine that i give to my team will be going to Big Paul,Annie go lightly and Wee Jim as per normal this year,Next year  who knows? Shame to see a good team fragmented like that but shit happens…A lot!

The curry is simmering away now and smells fantastic,Candles ready,beer n wine chilling,another nice night in the company of the Lovely Mrs B,I hope dear reader that you have someone special to curl up to on these cold winter evenings as i feel very lucky to have someone as lovely as Mrs B to come home to.

Anyroad i’m off to stir the curry and do a quick taste test (Again) then it’s a flop in front of the tele for me.

Stay safe and hope for justice.

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5 Responses to “Shafted..Again”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Thank God for Mr. J. He’s warm and he also loves a good curry!! 🙂

  2. barnze Says:

    It’s good to love and be loved!

  3. Mal the Plod Says:

    I consider it an honour to have served with the “Go Lightly’s” 10 10 till we do it again!!. Wish them all at the factory Merry Christmas from me. All apart from one that is!!

  4. Aunt Jackie Says:

    barnze Says:
    ” It’s good to love and be loved! ”

    Assuming we are… ok, i’ll stop with the paranoia… hehe

  5. barnze Says:

    @ Mal The Plod..Good will to all men except some eh mate..How right you were! Have a good one, We will catch up with ya later.

    @ Aunt Jackie.. Is it paranoia realy?

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