Oh Tanenbaum.


Young Master B has just dragged our crimbo tree out of the attic so the festive season has arrived here at Barnze Towers,Now all we need is a scrote making an attempt at carol singing and were there.

Carol singers were good a few years back,One year we had a whole choir of Salvation Army troops (Founded by Nottingham lad William Booth) give the street a real good singsong,Nowadays they are just some local twats singing half a verse of “We wish you a merry christmas” then sticking their hands out for a bit of cash…A Ho Ho Ho and Fuck Off soon sorts um out,Mind you we did get some eggs thrown at the ramparts last year so i assume we will be free of them now. It don’t take long for them to learn that there’s nowt to be had here.

Anyroad the tree will be sorted today and the crimbo CDs will be dug out for another stint,All part of the magic that was, Roll on spring!

Hope you weekend passed without too much shit,Mine was a good one. Stay Safe!


4 Responses to “Oh Tanenbaum.”

  1. the cappuccino kid Says:

    i stick to the rule my parental unit uses.
    the first real carolers to come after tea on xmas eve will be rewarded.
    the rest can fuck off! (they don’t say that last bit, but you have to make a tradition your own!)

    cant be as bad as the trick or treaters that were coming this year, one at a time, sharing the same mask! they gopto the same response, along with a warning that if they did any damage to the house i would track them down and break their legs!
    it helps if you look like i do! (mind, they will probably happy slap me when i least expect it!)

  2. barnze Says:

    i’m all for a bit of a tune but these twats are just scam artists and not very good uns… Any excuse to find some poor old folk to rip off i reckon..Aint the world well fucked?

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    Guess I can’t complain… got my decorations up inside, working on the outside. Still not feeling 100% festive, but… can’t complain.

  4. barnze Says:

    I can’t be doing with those outside decorations..dead naff i reckon!

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