A bit of a do.


It’s Mrs Bs office party on Friday night and i have an invite,It will be good to see those photocopys of tits n bums and folks drinking tequila through their eye sockets…Then again Mrs B works with a sensible bunch so more like pulling crackers and having a few glasses of wine.Mind you i could photocopy my arse and take a few copys with me,Narr i think i’ll leave it.

Anyroad i am looking forward to that one.

I’m off for a shower,Have a good one and stay safe.

3 Responses to “A bit of a do.”

  1. AuntieJackie Says:

    Haha!!! It’s those sensible crowds you have to look out for… ‘Bum-photos’ will fly… or at least alot of people will go blind from drinking tequila through their eyesockets… Funny, my office party is this Friday night too… Mr. J isn’t looking forward to being forced to go, but i’ve already gotten us knee deep.
    I hate that sort of thing honestly, but i’m trying to play nice 🙂

  2. the cappuccino kid Says:

    vodka through the eye i have done! never thought it would do owt but hurt, how wrong i was!!
    oh yes, it hurts, but it does get you pissed!
    more so than snorting it!

  3. Pinksy Says:

    Our party was last night, on the Nottingham Princess boat, up and down the Trent between Colwick and Riverside. Not exactly the sights of the Thames. But the boat was well kitted out with all the garish festive tinsel and lights, turkey and stuffing dinner, Wham’s “Last Christmas” on the disco, and a free bar. Great stuff.

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