Good to see that the Chairman of the Notts Police Federation wants to open discussion on Capital Punishment,Mind you not just for cop killers eh! Plenty of evil bastards out there that are in need of justice i reckon.

I doubt if the debate will ever take place though, The way i see it is the Death penalty is not a deterant,never has been & yes mistakes have been made so if (and i hope it does) Capital Punishment is re-introduced the whole system will have to be looked into.

But i reckon a life for a life is the way to go,And dont give me that old shit about the Bible cuz it’s fiction and it ain’t up for discussion,It’s mankind makes the rules and sometimes the rules say if your gunna kill your gunna be killed!

Bring it back..Lets clear the back catalogue,There are some fuckers guilty beyond doubt just sitting about in cells waiting for the noose today.Drag um out kicking & screaming!!!!!

Narr it aint gunna happen cuz nowadays we spend time and money trying to understand these evil cunts and in some cases giving them a new lease on life.Justice nowadays is a playstation and a pool table!

Don’t bother with your no votes cuz i ain’t gunna listen to ya liberal bollocks..Hang um and hang um high!

Here endeth the lesson.


3 Responses to “Dangle.”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    You know me well enough by now to know that the idea that capital punishment is in anyway the behaviour of a civilised and forward thinking democracy is wrong.

    As you say it’s not a deterrent so why use it then? To make ourselves feel better? Justice is above the heart. Life for life? If only it was that black and white, crime is more complex than that and state apporoved murder is just that: murder. So what gives us the right to kill but not the murderer?

    Can I ask, have you ever been in prison Barnze? Have you ever experienced prison life, have you ever met and worked with ex-convicts?

    The things you read in the paper regarding ‘cusy’ prisons is quite simply untrue.

    Liberal bollocks? You’re sounding alarmingly like my father…

  2. MaFt Says:

    for the sake of annoying some bloke i’ll probably never meet, i don’t think the death-penalty ‘works’ – too many mistakes get made and do two wrongs really make a right?

    surely if we have a ‘life for a life’ system then it should also be a ‘theft for a theft’ where people get to steal stuff from burglars ‘just to make things fair’… nah, i don’t think so!

    anyway, i’m not discounting your views; i’m just adding mine to them!


  3. barnze Says:

    Good to have you input chaps, I still say that murderers shound pay the untimate price for their crimes,perhaps your father is right in what he says Dan! My dad had the same views as do a hell of a lot of folks out there, I doubt if capital punishment will ever again be part of British law and that for me is a shame.

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