High times..Low lifes..


A top night out on Friday and a good turn out, a nice lie in on Saturday morning to clear our heads and a good day in town to finish the crimbo shopping.

Today me n Mrs B are off for a couple of frames at the bowling alley,and we might even grab a bite to eat whilst we are in town. Ain’t love grand?

A big drugs bust just up the road from us this week as the police recover nearly seven million quids worth of the shite from Ruddington a couple of miles east of us! A nice nick there lads,makes me wonder if there are any arrests to go with it?

Anyroad i’m off to limber up my bowling arm,Hope ya weekend was crime free.Take care & Stay Safe.

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21 Responses to “High times..Low lifes..”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    The drugs bust was in a garage opposite our bloody house! Last weekend there was a police van, forensic van, and dozens of blokes in those white boilersuits, with spotlights and allsorts of equipment. We couldn’t pry out of them what the deal was at the time, so we thought it was either drugs or a body. They were there for a whole day. Then this appears in the Evening Post. Apparently the garage was rented out by a couple in a nearby house. I think 2 blokes and a woman have were brought in, and let out on bail. I can’t say there was ever very many comings and goings to that garage, so the cops must have been watching it carefully for ages. Quite scary that there was £7m of drugs stashed in a garage just metres from my house.

  2. Pinksy Says:

    Someone’s asked me to answer 5 questions and pass it on to 5 more people. So I’ve passed it on to you. Answer and pass it on to 5 more (if you can be bothered). I’m not sure what the point is though – maybe it’s just to get more readers.


  3. the cappuccino kid Says:

    they got a haul of £150,000 near us last week, and the vietnamese guy who’s house it was, was charged with….get this….”SUSPISION of cultivating a class c drug”
    fucking suspision? there was a photo of his room. full of plants! i ask you!

  4. Pinksy Says:

    Sounds like they need to get Inspector Clouseau on the case…

  5. barnze Says:

    7 odd million quids worth and you never got to nick any,mind you how do ya shift that amount of crap?

  6. (Aran) Says:

    :S What has it all got to do with you lot though?? was you involved???? leave it the feds you sad losers!

  7. (Aran) Says:

    seriously pinksy get a life please!!

  8. barnze Says:

    Dear me Aran,has the price of you drug of choice gone up?

  9. Fred Says:

    Low life people! I found this blog thing and i have heard about the story by the sounds of it your talking about something you dont no about?! Nothing better to do so you sit around commenting on something thats totally not your buisness…and yeah thats probably calling myself low life but there you go :D. My point is i dont think you should stir about others peoples buisness it isnt a good idea trust me especially with something like this whats the point? Just want to ‘blag’ to some random people…anyway had my say will be rather interested to anyone else commenting this….with u all the way ‘aran’ u no who i am.

  10. Fred Says:

    Oh yes and like no offence to anybody…just having my random outburst say 😀

  11. Fred Says:

    :S Wouldn’t blag that it was near your house either.

  12. barnze Says:

    No offence taken on my part,what i read in the papers i comment on,Seems that Pinksy know about it cuz it happened near him.

    Blag to me is a different word to you,Do ya mean Brag?

  13. Fred Says:

    Lol yes thanks for the correction. I do understand that you comment on what you see in the paper, as we do. Its just this Pinksy dude, i wouldn’t start giving like well….Personal Views and Experiances, i could say just basically for your own sake…Anyone agree?

  14. Paul icron Says:

    Anyone no who got arrested for this?

  15. (Aran) Says:

    I agree fred why dont pinksy just tell who evers the drugs who she is where she lives and why she got involved because am sure they wouldnt like some random people getting into their business you dont who they could be!! 😐 i know personally i wouldnt want to get involved in some big drug business you should be carefull pinksy

  16. barnze Says:

    Your taking things to serious..Just a bit out of a paper..You need to chill a bit i reckon. No idea who got arrested for it as there was no follow up im the papers.

  17. Pinksy Says:

    What’s all this?!!! I don’t understand what people are on about. It’s just something in the local rag that happened near me and my neighbors. Apart from seeing the cop cars, I don’t know any more than what I read in the paper: all that stuff about (unnamed) people being arrested was in the Nottingham Evening Post! I’m not sure what the problem is!

  18. barnze Says:

    Not sure what your on about mate? Is there a problem with what the evening post printed?

  19. Pinksy Says:

    I was talking about all the hoo-ha in the previous comments from Fred and Aran. They seemed to think I was divulging some sensitive knowledge about the drugs bust, but apart from what what going on in my neighborhood, everything I knew was already in the Evening Post!

  20. barnze Says:

    I reckon it’s just someone playing at being a gangster….take no notice,I don’t.

  21. Pinksy Says:

    Yeah, you’re right.

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