Faith restored!

Ain’t crimbo brill? The bosses at the factory have come good with a christmas bonus, A small goose,a bottle of port,a selection of cheeses,A bottle of brandy,a christmas pud and a £1000 for eace one of us, Plus an all expenses paid night out at a top hotel here in Hood Town,And a haircut for all our wives(Saving us at least 70 quid).Gorr bless the guvnors one and all.

Thats bollocks as we got a 25 quid gift voucher and a diary but thats good enough for me as last year i got fuck all.

The last shift in the morning then it’s tracky bottoms and my bestest dossing shirt for a few days,And after the shit sleeps this week i reckon i will spend most of the time kipping! Oh and it’s my birthday on Boxing day so if you see me out get me a pint and feel free to slip me a pony!

Have a great christmas but don’t loose sight of what it’s all about…Get as much as you can for fuck all!

Ho Ho Ho.

Oh and stay safe out there as the nutters on the streets still work at this time of year.

10 Responses to “Faith restored!”

  1. Auntie Jac Says:

    Better bonus than I got!!! FedEx me some Christmas Cheer (or maybe some of that stew again). 🙂

    Just kidding… Happy Happy… AJ

  2. MAL THE PLOD Says:

    Nothing from my lot this Crimbo, but dam good bonus’s for working the holiday!m (thinking about it not even a card from my manager!)
    No rest for me till New Year then a couple of days at me old boozer in Norfolk for a bit of a re-union and a lot of Gin poisoning!

  3. Auntie Jac Says:

    Oh now Mr. B, I know you’re a ‘Busy B’, but you better stop off over and take a look, as I posted a special Video just for all of you punkers 🙂
    Merry Punkin Christmas.

  4. mas Says:

    I barnze wish you and yours all the best,from an old friend that goes back 30 years.

  5. Janet Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. B. and Barnze junior!

  6. Pinksy Says:

    Just what we need to keep the crime rate down round here? Link.

    Happy Christmas.

  7. MAL THE PLOD Says:

    Ain’t crimbo brill? Went into the local last night 1st time in months I’ve been in there,. the landlord has changed and they’ve got Tetleys Mild on handpump! Who could wish for a better start to the festive period!!

  8. barnze Says:

    Merry crimbo to you lot,

    Good to see you found my spot here Mas,Have a good one.

    Tetleys mild is a top drop Mal ya lucky bleeda.

  9. Sara Says:

    I get nowt from my job…bloody nightmare! Anyway Barnze and Mrs B, have a beautiful time at Xmas, as I know you will…xxx

  10. barnze Says:

    Hope you had a good one Sara..All the best to ya!

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