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Three strikes and out!

December 18, 2006

Good to see on the news that the police have a man behind bars suspected of killing those girls in Suffolk,A good result for the police there.

More shots fired here in Hood Town over the weekend,Shit realy when i think back to a few years ago when the only shots fired were on the tele, It truly is a dangerous place we live in!

On the brighter side of life i thrashed Mrs B yesterday at the bowling alley 3-Nil…Not that i was gloating or owt,well i might have had a bit of a gloat but hey after getting my arse kicked every time i play pool against Mrs B i need to have a pop back!                                                    

Anyroad i’m off to prepare tonights meal for the lovely Mrs B (loser at bowling) we  have a nice bit of lamb tonight.Hope ya weekend went as well as mine did.

Have a good one and Stay Safe.

High times..Low lifes..

December 17, 2006


A top night out on Friday and a good turn out, a nice lie in on Saturday morning to clear our heads and a good day in town to finish the crimbo shopping.

Today me n Mrs B are off for a couple of frames at the bowling alley,and we might even grab a bite to eat whilst we are in town. Ain’t love grand?

A big drugs bust just up the road from us this week as the police recover nearly seven million quids worth of the shite from Ruddington a couple of miles east of us! A nice nick there lads,makes me wonder if there are any arrests to go with it?

Anyroad i’m off to limber up my bowling arm,Hope ya weekend was crime free.Take care & Stay Safe.

How mince pies are made.

December 15, 2006


It’s true ya know? cheers to Sarahbear for this one.


December 15, 2006


Good to see that the Chairman of the Notts Police Federation wants to open discussion on Capital Punishment,Mind you not just for cop killers eh! Plenty of evil bastards out there that are in need of justice i reckon.

I doubt if the debate will ever take place though, The way i see it is the Death penalty is not a deterant,never has been & yes mistakes have been made so if (and i hope it does) Capital Punishment is re-introduced the whole system will have to be looked into.

But i reckon a life for a life is the way to go,And dont give me that old shit about the Bible cuz it’s fiction and it ain’t up for discussion,It’s mankind makes the rules and sometimes the rules say if your gunna kill your gunna be killed!

Bring it back..Lets clear the back catalogue,There are some fuckers guilty beyond doubt just sitting about in cells waiting for the noose today.Drag um out kicking & screaming!!!!!

Narr it aint gunna happen cuz nowadays we spend time and money trying to understand these evil cunts and in some cases giving them a new lease on life.Justice nowadays is a playstation and a pool table!

Don’t bother with your no votes cuz i ain’t gunna listen to ya liberal bollocks..Hang um and hang um high!

Here endeth the lesson.


December 15, 2006

Shifts done,Knackering but good to get back on the night shift,Good to catch up with Ann after a few weeks,And get up to speed on the family goss. Nowt much changes!

Out in a bit to Mrs Bs office bash so i got to put a shine on my shoes,Mind you as the Hardys & Hansons brewery has now stopped making my favorite tipple i will spend a bit of the night trying to find a substitute pint worth drinking…ARSE! Gutted about the loss of my pint i can tell you,I have been a Kimberley drinker since i was a nipper and a top drop it was unall,Pisses me right off the way the local brewerys are closing down all over the country,Mind you Castle Rock brewery do a steady mild so i might get stuck into that,what with it being local un all that.

Anyroad i’m off out for a few,Stay Safe out there and have a good weekend!

Hang um high.

December 14, 2006

                                                                           Sentence has been put at 30 years for the gunman in the case of the shot copper here in Hood Town,bad new is he will do his time here before being deported,That’s another scrote we tax payers have to keep…They should have deported him to serve his time in Trinidad i reckon,Better still hung the cunt!

 Still no daft name yet for this killer on the loose in Ipswich and that suprises me as normaly the press give these twats names like the Suffolkater or the Copdock Coward..kind of gives the readers something to hate rather that just killer on the loose. Mind you as the jokes are coming thick and fast about the killings the press need to get in there quick i reckon.

 Thank fuck it’s my last shift tonight..A crap sleep today and a stiff neck to contend with,Mind you i will get to catch up with Ann tonight (My old shift boss) who is stepping in as boss as Dave the belt is still off work after his illness,Good news is Dave is out of hospital and will be back at the factory on tuesday.

 Anyroad it’s time for a cuppa before i set off for my stint. Have a good one dear reader & Stay Safe.

 News just in..Nottingham reveals the new city boundary sign!                                                                                

Latin thought of the week.

December 13, 2006

respondeat superior !

Nuff Said!

It was christmas in the workhouse,

December 13, 2006


Speaking of Mrs Bs office bash has brought me to thinking about what celebrations are laid on for us at the factory… nothing…Honest,No Bonus,no Crimbo dinner not even a diary. Seem like we are the forgotten people when it come to christmas cheer, Mind you like all good workers we expect no less but we sometimes get that feeling we are the ones out in the snow looking in through the windows at the celebrations of others..Some poor fuckers have to be the tiny tims of the world eh?
Dickens would be rubbing his hands in glee for a storyline like ours i can tell ya, some of the gaffers have gotten themselves a few crimbo goodies but not a crumb has fallen of the table to us on the shop floor..What will we take home to the kids? Will Marley’s ghost visit this year? If i held my breath and died the factory would use my cold dead corpse as a draft excluder for the guvnors door till it started to stink!

Gawd bless us one and all!

A bit of a do.

December 13, 2006


It’s Mrs Bs office party on Friday night and i have an invite,It will be good to see those photocopys of tits n bums and folks drinking tequila through their eye sockets…Then again Mrs B works with a sensible bunch so more like pulling crackers and having a few glasses of wine.Mind you i could photocopy my arse and take a few copys with me,Narr i think i’ll leave it.

Anyroad i am looking forward to that one.

I’m off for a shower,Have a good one and stay safe.

Don’t poke the pussy.

December 12, 2006


See what happens when you stick ya finger in um!