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Justice is done..well nearly!

December 12, 2006


The jury returned a guilty verdict in the case of our copper who was shot,Justice? Well we shall see the when sentencing is passed on. What do you reckon for attempted murder 10 years,15 years? It’s all down to intent you see,Mind you in this case the gun fires three times,By accident of course oops! We shall see.

A bit further out from us here in Hood Town we have a serial killer on the prowl on the streets of Ipswich,echos of the Yorkshire Ripper case a few years back this one. Oh and here’s one for ya my brother was lifted from the streets and interviewed about that case (No it wern’t him!!) but he did have a beard at the time,Scared the shit out of him that did.

Back on the lighter side of life,I was well fucked this morning after my first night shift for a while,My eyes were like piss holes in the snow when i got home i can tell ya,Good thing is i slept like a baby for the first time in months. I like sleep me.

Anyroad it’s time i was off,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

If only….

December 12, 2006


Shopping lanes,A dream come true….Cheers to Gingey for this one.

It’s not big & it’s not clever!

December 11, 2006

Just pack it up and just get a fucking tree like normal folk!

Accident my arse!

December 11, 2006


The jury have gone to make their judgment in the case of the shooting of our Hood Town copper Rachael Brown today,Seems the accused Trevon Thomas’s gun fired three times whilst he was wiping his eyes,Now as a trained killer i know that is a load of bollocks and hope the jury see through that one!

We shall see if justice is done.

I just had a call from my mate Dave the belt (My gaffer at the factory) telling me he is in hospital with some bleeding from his nose that wont stop..I’m not sure how long he will be in there but i hope he gets better asap.Keep ya chin up mate,or is that down when ya have a nose bleed!

Anyroad i’m off to boil my spuds.

Have a good one and Stay Safe.

Back in the saddle again.

December 11, 2006


My first night shift for ages tonight,A nice Shepards pie (With a real sheapard in it) will be waiting for the lovely Mrs B when she gets home, And the chance to catch up on some sloppy movies,I saw in the Sky magazine they are called Rom Com movies nowadays though they are still the same crap with Gwyneth Paltrow or Sarah Lancashire in um.

It was good to hear from Ken the Bubble today who left the factory earlier in the year to start a new life on a greek isle,Things sound ok for him and his family over there..Yassou file mou Ken! And if that ain’t right Ken i can only say i tried!

As for crimbo,our tree is up and the garlands are around the fireplace so officialy it’s crimbo here now,all we need now is nuts and a few satsumas! A few gifts placed under the tree for Mrs B though i suspect she will be doing the shaking/feeling bit when i’m not there!

As our birthdays are during the festive season Boxing day/New years eve we have an unofficial birthday (Like the Queen) in the summer months,though we do give small prezzies on the day we find it a bit of an anticlimax so close to crimbo…

Anyroad i’m off to kill the sheapard for the pie,I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend ,Take care.

Go on have a pop!

December 10, 2006


Do you sometimes get some fucker have a pop at you for nowt?

I have,Today,Don’t know why and to tell the truth i don’t give a fuck but it makes ya wonder what it’s all about?

Ahh well!!!!!

Oh Tanenbaum.

December 10, 2006


Young Master B has just dragged our crimbo tree out of the attic so the festive season has arrived here at Barnze Towers,Now all we need is a scrote making an attempt at carol singing and were there.

Carol singers were good a few years back,One year we had a whole choir of Salvation Army troops (Founded by Nottingham lad William Booth) give the street a real good singsong,Nowadays they are just some local twats singing half a verse of “We wish you a merry christmas” then sticking their hands out for a bit of cash…A Ho Ho Ho and Fuck Off soon sorts um out,Mind you we did get some eggs thrown at the ramparts last year so i assume we will be free of them now. It don’t take long for them to learn that there’s nowt to be had here.

Anyroad the tree will be sorted today and the crimbo CDs will be dug out for another stint,All part of the magic that was, Roll on spring!

Hope you weekend passed without too much shit,Mine was a good one. Stay Safe!

Keep young and beautyfull

December 9, 2006

Ten past two this morning i was jacked up out of bed with a headache..What a bastard that was,Half an hour downstairs and a couple of pills later i was back in bed feeling a bit better but still shite…Woke at half nine with the tension but no pain so thats a blessing!

Mrs B is out at the hairdressers..Yoland or Mystique or some other odd named kid making another 70 odd quid when Speedy is just up the road with his 5 quid trims????? Mind you i suppose the ladies have to get a festive hair cut eh? Part of being a woman i reckon. As i have been on the day shift for a few weeks Mrs B has had no time to paint her face blue and soak in the bath so next week i reckon it will be the full poridge and cucumber works….. 


Anyroad i’m off to wrap my head in cotton wool for a bit,Have a good weekend and stay safe as the body bags come rolling in!


December 8, 2006

Due to staffing changes at the factory the Go Lightlys will never be able to play together as a team again and all our social nights out have come to an end. Bad news that as i reckon a good night out with your work mates is good for team spirit in and outside work,As we all work on different shifts now we are fucked!!

Mind you the christmas bottle of wine that i give to my team will be going to Big Paul,Annie go lightly and Wee Jim as per normal this year,Next year  who knows? Shame to see a good team fragmented like that but shit happens…A lot!

The curry is simmering away now and smells fantastic,Candles ready,beer n wine chilling,another nice night in the company of the Lovely Mrs B,I hope dear reader that you have someone special to curl up to on these cold winter evenings as i feel very lucky to have someone as lovely as Mrs B to come home to.

Anyroad i’m off to stir the curry and do a quick taste test (Again) then it’s a flop in front of the tele for me.

Stay safe and hope for justice.

The barbed wire throat!

December 8, 2006


Feeling good today apart from my throat feels like a have been eating razor blades,Made a mistake of hitting it with some Listerine…Blimey that stung,got me into a coughing fit and took two fags to get straight..

And there was me thinking is was cured. Lucky  i still have a few doses of Co-Op cough syrup to ease it!

I’m cooking up another curry tonight “Chicken Tikka Masala” (Brings to mind a joke..Tonight i’m having chicken tarka masala..It’s like tikka only a little otter!) we were going out but neither of us can be arsed so a night in at our favorite eaterie is in order.Bad news is i gotta get up to the shops for some bits and seeing those idle fuckers in the Co-Op with bits of tinsel on their heads winds me up,They have a tin on the customers service desk wrapped in christmas paper with the words Thank You written on it and expect you to put money in it for them..Fuck um i say,the service is shit in there..Scrounging cunts!

Anyroad once i have the dinner sorted i’m off for a doss in front of the tele…A few episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood , A mug of tea and the chance of nodding off to sleep sounds good to me.

Enjoy your day dear reader,Keep warm and safe.