Whats been going on?


First off let me tell you about my teeth,Well fucked they are and as i don’t do dentists one of um has been giving me some gip over the last week,causing me to get Neuralgia,cost me two shifts off work due to me waking up in the middle of the night with half my face on fire,even touching my hair hurt,anyroad it looks like i will have to go to the dentists,So i ain’t looking forward to that i can tell you!

Funny how when i have to think about dentists the pain eases up,Perhaps i will be ok and the pain will go by it’s self?

Some inquiry because the police have fired a baton round at an armed youth,save the money and pat them on the back for fucks sake! The police have a shit job at the best of times and riding their arses every step of the way just makes their work harder. Speaking of police we had a copper around the back of Barnze Towers last night,half nine ish,i popped out to see what he was after & he told me they were chasing a youth in the area, they spent a few mins looking around but were happy to look elsewhere when i told him my security system had picked up nothing around our property,I hope they caught the scrote they were after.

A supprise to me to here that Charlie Drake and James Brown had died over the last few weeks as i thought they were already dead,I watched Charlie on the tele as a kid,Not realy all that good as i recall,And as for James Brown he never was my cup of tea either so no great loss to me. Mind you James Brown died after a visit to the dentists..See my pain is getting better by the second!

Anyroad i’m off to take another pain killer.Take care and Stay Safe.


6 Responses to “Whats been going on?”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Oooh!! Good Luck! I hate the dentist myself… need to go soon and am putting it off… You’ll make it and be happy it’s done. Have a good week!! AJ

  2. cind Says:

    Look at it this way, yer can either go the dentist or do a Tom Hanks (Castaway) ‘n’ knock the fuckers out with an ice skate. I know what I’d be doin’ n I hate the dentist unall ;-}

  3. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Glad to hear you love kids as much as I do!

  4. barnze Says:

    @ AJ..getting in the place is bad enough for me,Even looking at it makes me feel bad.

    @ Cind.. Done the Tom Hanks thing,Well twezzers,not quite an ice skate!

    @ DHG.. Kids are brill untill they get their first hoodie!

  5. mas Says:

    hi Barnze, sorry to hear about your railings mate, i can tell you the pain in the chair is nothing compared to the pain of paying for the work!

  6. barnze Says:

    Don’t talk about the money Mas,i am gunna have to go private,Fuck knows how much thats gunna cost.As Pam Ayers said “I wish i’d looked after my teeth”

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