What if Jess choked on one?


Well some one had to do it!

I think Mrs B is going to sort out a dentist for me today,i would do it myself but i would never get round to it, Mind you i did manage a full nights sleep last night so no need to go eh?

It’s good to see christmas has gone from most places now though the family of scrotes up the road from me still have their decorations on the outside of their hovel,never saw um lit up this year though,tight cunts!

It was also handy that the postman left me two elastic bands on the garden path this morning as i needed to repare my catapult after busting it last night,Just another great service the postie provides,what with leaving the gate open to air the garden and posting the neighbours mail in my box to save himself the walk i reckon a stephanieum award shoud go to him and his mates.

Anyroad i’m off for some inspriation on tonights meal,Have a good one dear reader and Stay Safe.

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2 Responses to “What if Jess choked on one?”

  1. cappy Says:

    he started…..now he’s finidhed.

    shame. nice bloke.

  2. barnze Says:

    Yep he entertained us for a long time, we all go but some of us are forgotten,Mind you i will live on for the rest of time.

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