What’s the matter?

Some breaking news yesterday as astronomers make an image of Dark Matter, some invisable thing that takes up a big chunk of the universe,No one knows what it is or what it does but i reckon they should leave it alone,Don’t fuck with it!

 You just know some scientist is gunna fuck it up and ya mobile phone will never work again! Your sat nav system will lead you some dark alley where martians will be waiting to inhabit your bodies..Run for the hills!

Oh and don’t go poking any vegetables with sticks,Don’t say you ain’t been warned!

They are amoungst us, i know because i did a few carrots and a turnip in for our stew a few hours ago, Not a whimper out of um but i reckon they were the seeds of the new order.

Have a nice day out there. And keep watching the skies!

9 Responses to “What’s the matter?”

  1. Tisha Says:

    Bring it on, I’m ready to kick some alient butt!

  2. barnze Says:

    Have you got a tin helmet?

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    This post has me rolling!!! lmao… What you say is so true, though Barnze… People go messing where they ought not and thus is the result of alot of fine messes our world has already gotten themselves into.

    Now I like scientific stuff, of course, but i’ve always believe that Curiosity indeed killed the cat (oohh wrong thing to say to Barnze, he’ll be throwing a party in honor of the dead cat!!) 🙂

  4. Pinksy Says:

    When they took this picture of Dark Matter, did they use the flash?

  5. pinksy » Blog Archive » Dark Matter photographed Says:

    […] Barnze has got a post about how “scientists” have taken a photograph of the ellusive Dark Matter, the stuff that’s supposed to hold the Universe together. What I weant to know is, did they use a flash? File under: Humour, Science/Nature, Photography | | Comment on this subject… […]

  6. Pinksy Says:

    Sorry, I made myself laugh and had to post it!

  7. drunkpunk Says:

    dark matter? sounds like a dodgy curry’s after effects if yer ask me.

  8. barnze Says:

    Do you know MrS said the same thing “If its invisable did they use a flash”..in a way they did but who knows what shining some lazer at it will do to it.
    So much stuff we dont know about untill it starts to kill us…

  9. barnze Says:

    Woops..Should be Mrs B not Mrs S, though she says the same thing.

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