Good telly.

I picked up a copy of Roots from Cex the other week and me n Mrs B watched it over a couple of nights,Now it’s not the best filming and i know that Alex Haley was bullshitting saying it was his true story but it is a good bit of viewing, A good story that has got me wanting the follow up Roots-The next generations,I never saw it first time round,mind you that was back in 1979,i was to busy getting out of my skull and pogoing around the country at gigs n all that. Ironicaly some of the gigs were Rock against Racism promotions,I can remember seeing a black lad with a nazi armband on,Kind of sums the time up for me that!

Anyroad i see now that Roots is on sale in all the highstreet dvd stores so go out and grab your self some social history..

Good to see a second series of Life on mars on it’s way unall,top stuff that was,a bit of sci-fi meets the Sweeny,great stuff and for me another visit to social history..I hope they use the words “He coughed in the back of the panda guv” classic.

Anyroad my teeth are still giving me some grief though for the last two night i have not been woken up by the pain,thanks to wilko’s paras and a drop of sleeping beer!

Right i’m off for a shower,then a few games of yahoo dominoes,gotta build my rating since i took a kicking from a young Italian kid the other day,have a good one and Stay Safe.

4 Responses to “Good telly.”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    Oh I LOVE Dominos!! My Mom sure always got a good game going on the kitchen table late nights.

    Is there much raciscm over your way??? Here in Memphis it still has a tendency to run rampant, and even is ‘reversed’ alot now–

  2. barnze Says:

    Not a lot of recist crime that i see here in Hood Town,Mostly drug related crap here!

  3. farmer_dave Says:

    pleased to see life on mars is coming back i enjoyed that meself, theres not much good tele on at the mo all seems crap even gone off big brother as thick tumbleweed jade is on and her mun where shall i start lol

  4. drunkpunk Says:

    yahoo domino’s?? er…..ok…..fine (me nan used to totally clobber allcomers. Took me grandad to the cleaners on a regular basis)

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