Ring sting is good for ya.


Yesterday i said that a pub near me has turned into an Indian resturant,Today i read that Curry is good for you now that’s good news i reckon,If we all start eating Greek,Spanish,Italian & Indian food we will live for ever,That’s if the dark matter don’t kill us of course.Mind you i know a bloke who eats a yorkshire pudding and a bag of scratchings a day and he is 84!

Me n Mrs B are off out bowling tonight,I am looking to keep up the running score of three nil though i have been a bit poorly i reckon i will be taking home the trophy again,Mind you i am prepared to take a pasting from anyone better than myself,Not that it happens very often!

We might even get a ruby up on Hockley if the mood takes us, young Master B and his girlfriend knocked back the invite to a thrashing again,i can’t blame him realy not wanting to get his arse kicked on the lanes by his old dad,wise move young jedi!

Anyroad i’m off to munch on a chillie,Have a good one and Stay Safe

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9 Responses to “Ring sting is good for ya.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    what was the pub called, thats changed into a ruby house knowig me i might of drank in the pub once

  2. barnze Says:

    The Man of Trent,not a salubrous place at the best of times,But good news it’s an eaterie now i can tell ya.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    Great… starving again, thanks Barnze 😉

  4. farmer_dave Says:

    used to play darts at man of trent that was 10 years ago lol suprised it ketp going as long as it has done as a lot of my regular huants are either shut knocked or been burnt down or changed beyond reconision, one of me and my dads fav pubs were the spread eagle great put now its a lapdacing club

  5. barnze Says:

    The spread was a good boozer in its day,Loads of pubs going belly up nowadays…Shame.

  6. farmer_dave Says:

    it is a shame realy how pubs are dieing thses days, another good pub in its days was the alma on alferton road also a goood 1 was the tap and tumbler or even if you can remember that far back fagins i think thats how you spell it lol which was a rock pub as well as the tap

  7. barnze Says:

    Pubs just ain’t what they used to be eh..Perhaps we are getting old.

  8. farmer_dave Says:

    maybe i know i’d rather be in a good local pub nowerdays with a bit of good music than a night club tobe honest last time i went to a club i was a bit bored music was that loud you couldnt hear yourself think let a lone chat to anyone without having to use a megaphone lol

  9. barnze Says:

    Its all bump bump bump eh?

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