Trophy retained.


Another brill night out last night,I won two out of three frames and kept the trophy,Then after a challenge to a game of pool i won that unall,Leaving me the champ yet again,I don’t like to gloat though…..

After the thrashing that Mrs B took i thought it only best we nipped up the road to the Red Hot Buffet Shack for a meal and a bottle of wine,a nice quiet time spent in there with a good crowd of folks,Then home for a night cap and early to bed.When your a winner you sleep well!

Can’t forget the feet pic now can i?

Have a good one folks what with the weekend looming and me on the night shift this stint,You have a good time and stay safe out there.

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3 Responses to “Trophy retained.”

  1. drunkpunk Says:

    on nights meself Sat n Sun. Nice trophy! Got a few pool trophy’s meself from me mispent youth. If I’m Nottingham way I’ll challen……watch a few games

  2. Auntie Jac Says:

    Gratz to the B’s!! Nice one.

  3. barnze Says:


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