Flank returns.

A suprise last night as i got to work to find Flank back at the factory,He got home a bit late though as he stayed behind a bit to catch up on the goss,Good to see him after a long time away,He’s lost a bit of weight (I reckon he may have a lady hidden away somewhere) & is on some fitness thing divised by the SAS,Can’t tell me any more than that or he would have to kill me,You know how these ex soldiers are,Anyrod it was good to see him,though no time for any stories from Malaya last night,Maybe i will get one out of him tonight.                                                



That national service never did the young any harm,built character n that! Taught um how to be proper gent unall!

Anyroad i’m off ta bed,Have a good one and Stay Safe

3 Responses to “Flank returns.”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog–snow in Redmond, Washington is totally far out!

  2. mas Says:

    had some old troopers around here tonite,Barnze, Sid and Moggy,wish you all the best,and look forward to seeing you and Mrs B. AT THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR.Take care old mate.Mas,Sid and Mog plus dolve.

  3. barnze Says:

    Nice one Mas..pass on the invites to all for the 20th Anaversary ball in August,been years since i saw the whole crew together.

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