A bit black over bobs movvers.


How crap is the weather today? Absofuckinglootly lashing it down out there,and i have to go out in it, This country can become a bleak scabby place when the weather turns bad i can tell ya,Everyone wanders around with their heads down not seeing anyone else apart from their legs,Mind you in a few months we will be on nodding terms again,passing the daily comments of ” Yorrite” & “Ayup” to everybody we pass in the streets,even those folks we don’t know get an “Ayup” it’s the way things are here in Hood Town and i would not have it any different.

I see in the news that the last suspect of a 2003 shooting has been given life in prison for his part in the murder,a case of killing an innocent man mistaken for a scrote,Fucking sad!

good news is the Market Square will be fully open soon and i hear that we are having some sort of farmers market on there,now thats a good idea as we are well short of markets nowadays,As you can see most of it is now done though i prefered it the way it was. A few years back i went to Norwich market square and was impressed by their market and i reckon we should have something simlar here,What we get is yet to be seen but owt is an improvement on nowt!

Anyroad it’s stopped raining now so i’m off up the shops for some snap and a bottle of wine.Have a good one and Stay Safe.


7 Responses to “A bit black over bobs movvers.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    ive had to cycle to work this morning at 4am in the wind and rain as the wind was behind me it was great the wind pushing me along at a steady 15mph and that was without me even peddling but the was home was a differnt story wind was against me lucky if i got past 5mph and a crafty side wind current nealy blown me off me bike a couple of times

  2. Pinksy Says:

    The changes in slab square don’t seem like much of an improvement to me. Okay, the toilets have gone, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it, but haven’t they just dug up the old slabs and put new ones down?

  3. mas Says:

    slab square, a lot of memories for a lot of folk,least the lions are still there they could have got rid of them and put 2 wonky N`s up like they did with our robin hood logo and £45k for the imported trees.Hell i`m doing some moaning lately it`s effing catching.Bah

  4. barnze Says:

    @ Farmer Dave.. Bolocks to riding a bike in this wind..

    @ Pinksy.. at a cost of a few hundred grand thats all they done.

    @ MasWasted money mate.I have some good memorys of the square,Mind you most of um clouded with ale.

  5. drunkpunk Says:

    Ayup! enjoy the wine. I’ll enjoy me beer. Back on shift tomorrow. 7am – 7pm 2 days n then 7pm – 7am 2 nights. I was born to be rich n idle but I only ever achieved idleness. damn

  6. AuntJackie Says:

    Ayup Indeed! 🙂

    Yes, enjoy the wine and i’ll enjoy my tea… I would get drunk as a skunk if I could stand the taste of alcohol, but unfortunately, I don’t like it 😦
    I’ll take your best pain pill though… hee hee.

    Hopefully, they’ll give me some good ones after my Root Canal at the Dentist… that’s right, I gotta get a Root Canal 😦

  7. barnze Says:

    Dont talk about dental work!!!!!!!

    Back on shift in the morning for me…

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