And so say all of us.

What a change in the weather today,Sun shine,a bit cool but a nice day, a nice winters morning to end my days off on.

Tonite i am meeting Mrs B from the office as it is someones leaving do, so a few beers then off for some snap is in order, mind you i am up at 5am in the morning as i start the day shifts at the factory. So i dont think we will be clubbing!

A right tatar last night as Mrs B tried to get home,loads of roads closed due to the storms we had, what with trees ripped up and a large metal sign hanging off the Broad marsh shopping centre it was chaos,trains delayed,busses delayed the whole transport failed for a few hours! Now that’s what ya call a bit of wind!!!

Bad news for shoppers here in Clifton as one of the supermarkets shops goes belly up driving the shopper to the C0-Op only to be disappointed by the shit service and lack of products there! we are in need of a proper supermarket here as our choice is now limited to frozen food shops and the fucking Co-Op,Bring back Farrands that’s what i say! Farrands was a supermarket we had when i was a kid (Not all that long ago,before ya start) that was before frozen crap and the fucking Co-Op stitched the market up!

Today is the day that the trollop who gave me the finger at work leaves the country for good,back to South Africa she goes and good riddence to a bad piece of shit..loads of crap came my way after i informed the guvners about her i can tell ya.good to see the back of her. And on that note i am giving the Co-Op another stephanieum!

I hope i never see that cunt again,never have i hated someone as much as her the bone idle jumped up bag of shit faced bitch whom death is too good for but a life time of pain would be good! Ahhhhh that’s better!

Anyroad i’m off for a shave n a shower,Have a good weekend you lucky people, Take care and stay safe.

5 Responses to “And so say all of us.”

  1. pinksy Says:

    Ha ha! Wicked! You really don’t like that person do you?!

    Nor do you like the Co-op, but they do have some good wine offers! Interesting news story though. I wonder who they interviewed in the street (Betty Richardson, “…it’s better to go to Iceland up the road”). There’s slice of life, right there.

    There’s always Asda home delivery by the way…

  2. barnze Says:

    I hate her more than words can say!

    online shopping for us but it would be good to have a decent shop just up the road!

  3. farmer_dave Says:

    dont get me started on bluddy co-op shit shit shit shit is what ill say at the mo, but they do sell some nice wine

  4. drunkpunk Says:

    haven’t got a co-op down here. Not that I do much of the shoppin yer understand.

  5. barnze Says:

    You aint missing owt..

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