Whats all that about?

What a nightmare,Yesterday was a bag of shite i can tell ya,I got a phone call at just after 5 am from Young master B,Who was in a right state,he was frightened and confused as to where he was,To cut a long one short we managed to get him home and we could see he wern’t right so we called an ambulance for him,By the time he arrived at hospital he was out of it,Some cunt had put something in his drink!!! Fucked him right up it did and for the first four hours he had a Coma Scale of just 5 and just lay there with the odd twitch,Not a good time for me n Mrs B ether as we sat by waiting for some response.

By 2 pm he had started to come round but had no idea what had happened since he left a bar in town (He went to a club with mates after that) and the next thing he knew he was lost,wandering about scared out of his wits! He will hopefully be coming out of hospital today,What a cuntish thing to do eh,Drug some fucker for a laugh.Not funny for him or us i can tell ya, At time we thought he would never wake up again but he always was a lucky bastard.

So anyroad thanks to the cunt who did that,you missed all the fun you twat!

What a thing eh? Out for a laugh with some mates and ending up half dead so some other cunt can have a laugh. Not a thing i want to go through again!By the way the last drink he remembers having was in Bar circle so watch yourslves.

Thank fuck he is ok

.Stay safe folks there’s twats everywhere!

6 Responses to “Whats all that about?”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    OMG!! So glad he’s o.k… Mom always told us NEVER to leave our drink and come back to it, and always to watch out for everyone. Glad she made me a paranoid maniac… These people don’t care… Don’t trust anyone out there!
    AuntJackie sends her get better wishes.

  2. barnze Says:

    He is home now.a bit shakey and still no idea what buggered him up!

  3. drunkpunk Says:

    main thing is he’s ok now. some bastard will get his one day. happened to me a few years back. Caz got me to hospital n I was out of it. Woke up remembering nowt after I’d got home.

  4. farmer_dave Says:

    good to hear he’s now okay my mate had his drink spiked once not a very nice thing to happen, peoples idea off fun hey to spike another persons drink in some cases ive heard in the past spiking a drink can kill someone i dont think thats fun at all

  5. sara Says:

    What a bastard whoever did that. I despair at the things people do to each other at times. Hope he feels better soon Barnze

  6. barnze Says:

    Sad time we live in Sara,Even worse when it comes home to you,my worst nightmare !!

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