Here we go again!


The factory clown has done us again,He fucks up and the rest of us carry the blame,We have a couple of lumps of dead wood at the factory that everyone has got sick of dragging about and one of um has fucked up again causing the boss to punish us all again. I get the feeling that we are supposed to kill our own rats,You know kangeroo court n all that but most folks are just to fucking sick of it to give a fuck!

Some time and motion study going on soon unall,Thats gunna be fun i can tell ya,Mind you a cctv camera is to be put in the safety systems room,that will stop another Stephanie incident happening,Now i’m all for that! I like to feel that i was to help in getting that installed. You can watch me at work all day if ya like boss i aint got nowt to hide. Oh and the thief has started robbing us again,took Dave the Belt’s diabetic pack(Mars bar and drink) last time,How fucking low is that?Cunt!

Not good to know that one of ya workmates is robbing ya!

Respect! Give it n get some.

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8 Responses to “Here we go again!”

  1. drunkpunk Says:

    got few lumps of wood at my place. Problem is as a shop steward I have to protect them as well as the good’n’s. The good’n’s wonder why I do it. Not my place to judge I suppose.

  2. barnze Says:

    Luck for me im in the place to judge,Better off without um i reckon!

  3. John A Thomson Says:

    >>>Some time and motion study going on soon unall

    Well if the factory management are bringing in management consultants to do this and report back then this quote will ring true,

    “The fact you bring them in means your not prepared to make the decisions yourself.”
    – Jerry Robinson – BBCTV – Can Jerry Robinson Save the NHS!

    I’ve yet to see a time in motion study that didn’t point out the obvious to anyone on the shopfloor who knew what they were doing!

  4. Mal the Plod Says:

    Management work in mysterious ways, especially that fucker youv’ got!!
    No need to ask who fucked up!!
    “Smile for the camera!”

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Sounds like I need to send in Mr. J to help pulvarize the crew in general… 🙂 Don’t worry, i’ll feed him a couple of Guinness first and he’ll be sure to get the job done. Seriously–what is with people?? Get your own shit, stop stealing from other hard working decent ones…

  6. barnze Says:

    @ J A Thompson..We are going to have to log down everything we do in a book,Some folks will be left standing out in the cold i reckon,I like change me so i am well up for it!

    @ Mal the Plod..You are a wise man Mal..”Flash bang wollop what a picture”
    I have always been comfortable working under cctv conditions what with my natural entertaining persona i feel sure i will keep moral up on the other side of the camera.

    I’m ready for my close up Mr De Mil!

  7. Mal the Plod Says:

    I know exactly wat your saying. Peering up your nostrils on a 20″CCTV screen is an immage I will always remind me of m time at the factory!!
    It could mentally damage lesser mortal!!

  8. barnze Says:

    I should say, some will be shitting um sens…

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