Two shootings,Not linked & just a BLIP!

Well another busy weekend here in Hood Town,Two shootings, A beating, A court case for wounding and a junkie nicks a bike just a Blip on the system according to Home office minister & Gedling MP Vernon Coaker,Nice one Vern you just lost a load of voters i reckon,Wakey fucking wakey you numpty,It aint a blip! Were getting our arses kicked here!

With the shootings we are told it’s ok they aint linked,Right..Like i said a few mothes back,Not linked means there’s two nutters out there shooting folks!!!! No worries there then.

Everyone i speak to says the same thing,Hood Town has a serious problem and extra street wardens to deal with it! Most folks only go out in groups (And even then some cunt will drug ya drink) to stay safer and still have stories of shit that happens on the streets. I’m glad i’m old..not many cases of someone spiking a pint of mild eh?

Anyroad Young Master B is better now,confused as to why it happened to him & a bit more wary of folks but on the mend! What a fucking week,we were hoping for a quiet boring winter.

Stay safe out there.

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4 Responses to “Two shootings,Not linked & just a BLIP!”

  1. drunkpunk Says:

    haven’t drunk mild in years. thinking I might start again. it sounds safer. glad yer boys ok

  2. barnze Says:

    Mild is brill it softens ya stools,and weakens ya sete if you have too much.

  3. Skytower Says:

    In all fairness, it wasn’t Coaker who described it as a blip, but instead Superintendent Paul Cottee – quote: “With all kinds of crime, there are times when several incidents happen at once which create a blip in the statistics”.

    Entirely stupid description, though – and it seems to be a police buzzword at the moment. It’s one fucking serious blip, this one.

  4. barnze Says:

    Not sure weather i should post a retraction now? Narr i cant be arsed.Stll a very stupid thing to say who ever said it. I can see it now…Picture a gangster saying ” i will pop a blip in yo ass”

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