Latin thought of the week.

Bibere humanum est, ergo bibamus.

Nice jugs!


12 Responses to “Latin thought of the week.”

  1. mas Says:

    they were never that size when we did the bier kellar,mate

  2. barnze Says:

    I reckon they were its just our eyes were smaller. gotta be 25 years back since we got bladdered in there! Age shall not wary us!

  3. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Oh, very nice…

  4. drunkpunk Says:

    not handled jugs like that in a while… where’s me leiderhousen gone?

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Ahhh I hope your wives don’t read all that!!! :O

    hee hee Men… I can’t help but love em.

  6. Haddock Says:

    Those are indeed very nice jugs! 🙂

  7. barnze Says:

    Here’s the the thing..Are they half empty or half full?..

    I hate that psyco shite!

  8. mas Says:

    answer, half empty when thirsty,half full when pissed!……….aint got your email add Barnze ,since my pc crashed,do you still have mine,send email if so cheers

  9. Skytower Says:

    Is the answer “don’t spill the beer down your baps”…?

  10. barnze Says:

    Don’t want damp baps now do we?

    Email addy Mas….

  11. Tisha Says:

    beer and jugs, I’m all for it!

  12. cappy Says:

    i have saved that photo to browse at me leasure at a later date!

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