Criminal gangs have infiltrared our schools here in Hood Town,I saw the schools minister Jim Knight say so last night on the news.This morning i read this on the Post’s website? Seems Jim made a mistake naming Nottingham as one of the places affected,Named us first unall..Some mistake eh, makes me wonder if someone found a horses head in his bed!! Talking of mistakes (Flagged up by Skytower) yesterday i said it was Mr Croaker said our shootings were a “Blip”..Wrong! It was Hood Towns police Superintendent Paul Cottee who said “With all kinds of crime, there are times when several incidents happen at once which create a blip in the statistics”

Still a cuntish thing to say no matter who said it! Cheers for picking that one up Simon.

Some domestic duties to be performed today,The washing,the stew to sort out and the floors to mop,Good thing is young master B is on a day off today so i can rope him in on it,Shame he is too big to slip up the chimney though.

Anyroad i’m off to stir the stew,and of course taste as i go as it’s the done thing.Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

4 Responses to “Ooops.”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Schools with Ministers eh… **cough**cough** Ministers burn AuntJackie’s skin… AAAIIIEEEE!!!

  2. barnze Says:

    Not religious ministers.They should all burn.

  3. drunkpunk Says:

    latest labour wheeze? they want to replace headmasters with managers. somebody somewhere pleeeeease shoot the bastards. anyone got a spare rifle wi’ sniper sights?

  4. barnze Says:

    Schools are fucked now,what use would it do putting in a manager???

    Watch the red dot……

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