Not mulled thanks…

Last nights meal at the “Indian resturant at the man of the trent”,Known in these parts as “The Mana” was ok,it is in what was once the skittle alley of the pub,the decor is good though the chairs are a bit naff! Would have been good to have a game of skittles i reckon.

 When we got there just after 6 there was one other couple in there so all quiet,no wine list was offered so we orderded a bottle of rose,this arrived very warm and as the waiter had poured the glasses before we had tried it we took one sip and had to send it back (The bottle was hot,as if it had been under those heating lamps) and requested a chilled bottle but the waiter said that there were none???So  two pints of cider was ordered (we also had the warm glasses of wine left for us) the cider was spot on.

We had the poppadoms n pickles to start and i went for the garlic chilli chicken with chips (I don’t do rice) & Mrs B went for the chicken achari with pilau rice,Bit of a delay between courses but that was ok and the mains arrived hot and fragrant,Mine was top class plenty of chicken and the sauce was brill,Mrs be had the same amount of meat with hers so we both enjoyed the meal,With a few more folks in by the time we were eating our mains a bit of a buzz was happening so i imagine it would have a good atmosphere when it is full.

Apart from the wine fuck up it was well worth the 30 quid for both our meals,I hope they sort out a wine list for our next visit(and we will go back) and perhaps a few more of the special dishes to choose from but all in not a bad night out! Oh and it’s a non smoking place and that’s a good thing i reckon even as a smoker i found it ok,Not quite a Barnzeum winner though the service was good the hot wine let it down a bit & a candle wouldn’t go a miss as the little box with plastic flowers was a bit of a waste of time,Still don’t let that put you off if you live local as for our first resturant it’s not too bad!

Ahh and of course this morning the ring sting kicked in,a byproduct of the ruby intake!

A good night out though we drew a line at nipping next door for another pint,mabey next time.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend folks,i’m off to get ready for the night shift at the factory.

9 Responses to “Not mulled thanks…”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Ahhh yes! Mr. J and I went out to a place in Overton Square last night called “Golden India”, features more northern Indian cuisine, and is one of my favorites!! Yum. Mr. J downed a couple bottles of Taj Mahal beer and I had the vegetbale korma, he the chicken patalia(?).

    Was top notch!

  2. barnze Says:

    The ruby has become one of Englands top foods,Good for ya unall!

  3. Aunt Jackie Says:

    I think between that and Greek/Mediterranean, those are my two top favs… I can see why it’s become tops. I do hear alot of health points about Indian foods as well.

  4. cappy Says:

    if you ever find yourselves in barnsley, head towards dodworth and the DIL RAJ. best curry house ever! and at very reasonable prices!

  5. cappy Says:

    in fact if you do, give me a shout and i’ll accompany you.

    it’ll be hard, but i am sure i could just about manage!

  6. barnze Says:

    Good to know that we have some good eateries scattered about eh! If your ever in Brisbane Australia nip into the “Taste of india” on the south bank and tell um Barnze sent ya..Top place.

  7. farmer_dave Says:

    30 bluddy quid never paid that much for a ruby for 2 even with a fuck up with the wine lol

  8. drunkpunk Says:

    vindaloo next time

  9. barnze Says:

    Your a tight fucker dave..N next time a rogan josh..My favorite!

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