Cabbage patch junkies..

The news today made me smile as police are being ordered to adopt junkies ! A nice warm n fluffy glow came over me as i expect that soon the fag police will adopt us smokers,what with the hug a hoodie shite we were hearing last summer ya just gotta wonder who the fuck thinks this kind of crap up..Gotta be the daft ideas dept working overtime again eh! It works for the Dutch so they say (Whoever they are?) but then again anything goes in Dutchland.

Also in the news a cock on story of some school kids prank to draw a big knob on the school lawn with weed killer then view it on Virtual earth..Nice one lads,I do love a bit of puerile every now n then!

And what about casinos eh? All that fuss about the super casinos being built for folks to lob their money in,Not a penny of mine will end up in “Geezers Palace” i can tell ya,Mind you if ya can smoke in um i might nip in for a walk around. Build um i say,it creates a bit of work and just think how all of us could adopt a gambler…

Anyroad i’m off to draw a cock in the butter,

Have a good one.

6 Responses to “Cabbage patch junkies..”

  1. mas Says:

    I`m adopting an inmate,well you gotta help the prison system out there all full,i`ve asked for a shoplifter,well he`ll have to pay his board somehow.

  2. drunkpunk Says:

    been to a casino 3 times in my life. Played black jack. I’m up £480. I’ve never been back and never will.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    We have casinos off by the river but in Mississippi, about 20 minutes from me. I’m not a gambler myself because I can’t play high stakes. Usually if I go, i’ll take 20 bucks or so and make that my limit. Best I ever done was win about 100 on the craps table… They have some good entertainment here and there.

    Hope you guys are all doing o.k.!!! 🙂 x


  4. farmer_dave Says:

    as kids at school one of our teachers had a 3 wheeled car and 3 of us once moved her car to another place in the shcool, quite funny watching her looking puzzled to hell, and for casinos ive only been to 1 once and broke even not realy been fussed about them myself

  5. barnze Says:

    @ Mas..Get yourself a good un mate i saw a twat get escorted out of HMV the other week crying his eyes out like a big jessy.

    @ 4D.. Best way to play um mate.

    @ AJ..Going for the show is ok but i can’t gamble my cash in um.

    @ Dave..I did the same thing as a kid and if i’m right old Mas might have been involved,we used to carry a bubble car from the road and leave it in the middle of a field..

  6. Mal the Plod Says:

    I day into adopting junkies and one found dead on Clinton street!!
    Good old Hood Town!!
    Gutted I am!!

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