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Unemployed and seeking employment..

February 28, 2007

Today i am officially unemployed as i have passed on all my details to the job center all i need now is a hoodie and a track suit and i’m sorted. Respec init!

The Go-lightly drinking team have another bowling night soon so it will be good to catch up with the lads n lasses again and maybe even get to lift the trophy again. My skills have come on since i have been tutored by the lovely Mrs B (The holder of the “It’s only a game” trophy at the moment.) so i will be playing a blinder.

Faggots for dinner today with mash tater n mushy peas so a bit of wind coming our way,Not that Mrs B ever farts!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops for some bisto,Have a good one folks and stay safe out there.


February 27, 2007

Well as my old dad used to say “gu ta the foot of our stairs” i got the sack,Honest they fired me for something i dint do,Both me n Brian (The union rep) were gobsmacked to hear the decision that my employment has been terminated! Now i have to set in motion the unfair dismissal procedure though i don’t think it will get my job back!! Over 10 years of doing the job and i get the sack for something i dint do kind of sticks in my throat!

I have applied for a couple of jobs today but i can’t see an employer taking someone on who has been fired from his last job! Then of course i have had to register with the unemployment people so today i am feeling well pissed off about the whole thing,mind you i shall fight as far as i can to get justice and i reckon i have a good case.

It was good to have a few mates from the factory ring me and tell me that they too were shocked to hear that i had lost my job for something i did not do,mind you their faith in the boss has gone to zero because of it.

Ahh well i reckon i have had enough of feeling sorry for my self and i should get on with things,funny that a few days ago i was saying to the deputy manager that employers can’t kill ya and they can’t make ya pregnant,they can sack ya though if they feel like it!

Take care out there folks and i hope your having a better day than i am.

Hey buddy can you spare a dime?


Spring in the air (Filled with love)

February 26, 2007


Good morning dear reader and what a belter of a morning it is,sun shine coming through the bare branches of the trees and still a bit nippy but it looks like spring is on it’s way!Nature never let’s ya down eh? Apart from human that is.

I have another meeting with the boss today at the factory and hopefully this will see me proved innocent of the charges and i shall be back at work on Thursday night,Been a long time coming i can tell ya !

Young master B missed a fantastic roast dinner yesterday,mind you there is a portion put aside for him in the fridge but it ain’t the same as eating it on the day it was cooked what with all the smells of the cooking filling the house, He spent the day with Caz so i assume he dined at her place,mind you i ain’t complaining as it left me n Mrs B with plenty of quality time together. Ain’t love grand?

Anyroad i’m off up the shops for something light for our dinner today,Perhaps a crispbread will do?

Hope you lot had a good weekend,Take care & stay safe.

Just dossin…

February 25, 2007

We were going to nip up to Woolow park yesterday but it rained,So we put it off for today but it rained,Nevermind eh! A grey weekend all in and one made just for dossing so we did just that. Shame that the weather was against us as i would have enjoyed a walk in the parklands,still plenty of time i reckon but just as spring is busting out Woolow park is a nice place to visit.

Friday night saw us at Antayla again for a Turkish banquet and it was good to hear that they are nominared for a  customer service award unall,i reckon the service there is spot on and a win is well deserved. If ya get the time nip in the food is brill and the buzz is always good .

Anyroad i’m off for a shower and then a few hours hand holding in front of the tele,I hope your weekend was a good one dear reader,Keep smiling and stay safe out there.


February 23, 2007

Thank fuck it’s Friday,has time been dragging or what?

We are off out tonight for a meal and a couple of bottles of wine, not sure where we are going as Mrs B is sorting the venue but where ever it is i’m sure we shall have a good time.As i have said before  anywhere with Mrs B is a good place to be! Reminds me of the Queen song “Your my best friend“! Ain’t love grand?

The PC still ain’t right as it just shuts down every now n then so i gotta find a repair shop pretty smartish,Don’t ya just hate um when they go bad?

Anyroad i got a bit to do today so i’m off,have a good weekend and stay safe out there.

Two down.

February 22, 2007

Two clowns were shot and killed yesterday and i for one am happy about that,evil fuckers them clowns! Not funny news but if the clown population goes down then i’m all for it.Cheers to Aunt Jackie for putting me onto that one.Never liked um since i was a kid,must have been something i saw that did it but i reckon all clowns are evil,they ain’t funny so it’s time they packed it up!

Another grey day here in Hood Town damp n cold again,roll on spring eh? Mind you the birds are flocking down onto Mrs Bs feeding station so things are looking good and i reckon i can see a few leaf buds on the trees so nature once again is gunna put on a show for us.

Anyroad i’m off to get stuck into my domestic duties…Whistle while ya work today as the portable radio packed up yesterday at the same time i broke the little mirror in the bathroom,mind you the glass dint bust so no bad luck for me eh?

Have a good one and take care out there,Ya never know,i mean it ya never know!

Where it’s at!

February 21, 2007

The beat goes on.

February 21, 2007

I spoke with my union rep today and he will attend the next meeting with me on Monday,Not much i can say or do till after that so nuff said i reckon!

And theres me thinking i got problems eh when some poor old bloke gets a beating in his home! Just how shit is that eh? Society needs its arse wiping now that it has shat allover the place!

Sort of subdued today so i’m keeping it short,though my spirits were lifted by a mail from Ken the bubble this morning,keep smiling mate!

Anyroad i’m off to break another mirror,Stay safe folks.

Still hanging.

February 20, 2007

I had my investigatory meeting this morning with the gaffer,As i did not cause the fuck up all i could offer was “NO” and there was nothing to say i fucked up but i’m still suspended as the company don’t believe me. Kind of frustrating when i ain’t done nowt wrong,so i suppose i shall have to get my union rep up for the next meeting though there is no case to fight i need to get some sort of advise.Well pissed off about the whole thing i can tell ya!

Pancakes for dinner today ofcourse and a nice bit of smoked haddock for tomorrow,i do like a bit of fish every now n then.

Back on my PC again as the repair wallah’s sussed out they fitted a duff hard drive so all is well there.I can download my camera now so here are a couple of pics i took a few days back.

Shit on my shoe.

The losers trophy sadly mine till next time!And no that ain’t a giant bowling shoe it’s a miniture cup! Even the losers go away with something.

Anyroad i’m off to get some oranges for the pancakes,Have a good one and stay safe.

And the loser is…………

February 19, 2007

I am now looking for a edible hat as i got my arse kicked yesterday at the bowling alley 2 frames to 1 leaving me with the losers cup and Mrs B dancing around in triumph,If i could have i would have ordered a portion of humble pie and chips,Still that makes us two sets all and everything the play for next time. I took some photos but master Bs pc wont let me download um so that will have to wait till i get mine back.

More wasted money on the slab square project as talking trees are put in place!! Yeah that’s a good idea???

Anyroad i’m off to polish Mrs Bs trophy and get stuck into my domestic duties.Have a good one and stay safe.