You bad lad!

Classic laugh yesterday as young Master B gets fined for dropping a fag end in the new (Old) Market Square that will teach him eh, 50 quid for a fag end..shame on him,hahahahahahahahahahaha, Ya can’t fault the council for nicking him but i do think they should grab all litter droppers and not just smokers,Anyroad a Barnzeum Award to the city council for making me laugh and giving me a few days fun playing with master B.

A word of warning to those of you not aware of the fag police there! The answer is lob ya fag end into a passing junkies pocket! More junkies than litter bins about nowadays.

Right i’m off to knock the plaster dust off my clothes,have a good weekend.

10 Responses to “You bad lad!”

  1. mas Says:

    you have a good 1 to mate,off out with the old boys tommorow,i won`t do nottm,so bridgford is the venue,scotty,dolve,miff,sid,it will be nice to catch up,do you fancy it yerself?

  2. barnze Says:

    Off out tomorrow mate but we will have to work something out in the future,all the best to the lads,Have a good one.

  3. Pinksy Says:

    didn’t realize it had reopened

  4. drunkpunk Says:

    Once flicked a fag out of me car n it blew into the police car behind me. He stopped sharpish and I never heard owt. Must have been too busy putting it out to clock me reg.

  5. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Now that sounds like something fun to do to the panhandlers downtown. Maybe I should pick-up on Fag-puffing!

  6. John A Thomson Says:

    I blame the parents!

  7. Melanie Says:

    Don’t the police have something better to do?

  8. cappy Says:

    not the 8,101 that are apparently too ill to work full time, but still get full time pay. some do as little as 1 hour a week! (if the daily snail is to be believed)

  9. Mike E Says:

    Yeah, here in Vermont the police will pull you over for throwing a lit end out of you car. Then immediately disregard the original “littering” offense and drill you with questions about where the heroin is…

    Cops are pigs all over.

  10. barnze Says:

    I’m all for keeping the place clean and am looking forward to the re-opening bash.

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