You’ve had ya chips……………….

Well my pc came up with a message about the cpu temp being too high just before it looped again so i reckon its killed it’s self..Arse! Anyroad i am taking it up to the repair place on saturday morning to get it sorted,Hopefully it wont take long to get it back to me.

It was Tescos turn for online shopping this month and they never showed for delivery last night!! A call today telling me they will deliver at noon so i’m stuck in waiting for um. So its a Stephanieum award for them today for shit service. TWATS.

Its odd sitting her in young master Bs room working on his system surrounded by building tools and dirty work clothes i can tell ya,fuck knows how he copes living in this clutter???? Still it lets me keep up the business while my system is fixed and saves me the crap of nipping to the internet cafe so mussent grumble to much eh?

Anyroad im off to prepare the beer cellar for the delivery,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe .


5 Responses to “You’ve had ya chips……………….”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Stupid bloody machines. We’d all be better off without f***ing computers. And I work in IT.

  2. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    PC’s can drive a man to violence…

  3. John A Thomson Says:

    Okay, forget my earlier diagnosis! I’m willing to bet money on the cooling fans be completely gunked up with the nastiest yuck you’ll have ever seen. This is a super common problem when there are regular smokers in the same room as the poor wee victim PC.

    Had one a few weeks ago where I refused to clean one of the fans for fear of catching cancer or some other horrible disease. The main CPU cooling fan was so clammed up with gunk that it was bin material – it was completely siezed.

    From :
    “Note: The cooling fans pull air into the computer. This causes pollutants to accumulate inside, which include such things as oily residue from smoke, dust particles, hair, carpet fibers, etc. Cigarette smoke gums up fans to the point they can’t even spin. I replace those fans on a more frequent basis.”

    Open up the side of it and have a look for yourself before taking it in for repair. If you are lucky then you may be able to clean the fans yourself and they will run again. If you’re unlucky then the fans will need to be replaced because they are seized or badly damaged to the point where they are noisy or spin slowly.

    It is easy enough to replace these fans if any are crapped up. So save yourself the massive expense of a computer repair and buy the bits you need yourself.

    … and oh… “Stop looking at porn!”

    p.s. Yet another reason to give up the cancer sticks… you’re killing your computers and other electronic devices.

  4. Aunt Jackie Says:

    At electronic places, they sell ‘Cans of Air’, which you can use to blow out the dust and particles that collect on the fan and surrounding parts… I know Iknow… ‘paying for air’?? lol But they can help.

  5. barnze Says:

    The hard drive was fucked!!! I’m off for a fag!

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