Well the PC is fixed..The hard drive was fucked and a quarter of the memory had died,So a new drive fitted and a lot of fucking about trying to get my stuff back and to get the system back to Barnze standard. I am gunna get my old drive to an IT bod to see if the info can be retrevied so there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

I hate this putting back ya stuff lark as it seems to be never ending & what with my contacts gone from my mail book i need incoming mails now to get things right so get sending folks.

Good news is me n Mrs B are now off for a few days so some good times coming up.

Anyroad i got shit to do on the PC so im off into the world of boring stuff for a couple of hours,Have a good one folks.

5 Responses to “Back..”

  1. mas Says:

    glad to see your back mate,gave your regards to the old boys saturday night,a few pints of real ale then a ruby,hope you can make the next one.cheers.

  2. barnze Says:

    Nice one mate..Did you go to the Bombey?
    I hope i make the next un!

  3. Pinksy Says:


  4. mas Says:

    it was the shalmar ,decor still from the 70`s but good snap.cheers

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    i had memory probs with my pc once and it can be a right old pain in the arse i can tell yeh, pc keeps rebooting by its self i tryed alsorts of things to sort me pc out but nothing worked, even the windows system tools said everything was okay but it wasnt then a mate of mine came along and tested the memory in his pc and he had the same probs as i did so there you go these windows tools arnt to be trused realy

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