Smell the noodles.


Well last night was a good one i must say,it was snowing like billy o as we left Barnze Towers but by the time we got to town it had turned to sleet,The Big Wok is a lot like a works canteen when it comes to seating but the food was top class,The shusi was excellent and the hot n sour soup brill, between us we tasted about thirty different items and the only one i did not like were the tempura prawns cooked in their shells (I dont do prawn shells) but on the whole a good meal for a tenner a piece,we will be back  but not regular!

It’s good to see a bit of life in what was the old Co-Op building   on the edge of town as that end is getting a lot of eateries opening up and could well become a good place to be.Gun men and junkies permitting that is!

Anyroad we are off up the shops for tonights meal,Have a good weekend dear reader and Stay Safe.

7 Responses to “Smell the noodles.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    It weren’t me pc it was blogger n google playin up – one and the same now. Tried sushi once and came out in a rash so never again. Well I assume it was the sushi….

  2. Curmudgeonly Yours Says:

    I just drove past The Big Wok about an hour ago and commented to my wife that we should go there some time. After reading your recommendation I think I might, very soon. I don’t think I’ll try the sushi, though. The thought of eating raw seafood scares me.

  3. barnze Says:

    You gotta try sushi even if it’s just the once,The teppanyaki is cooked fresh for ya in the big wok and very nice it is,let me know what ya reckon to it if ya go there.

  4. Pinksy Says:

    Just a shame that the old Co-op is so near Liberty’s and all those other hell-hole bars on Parliament Street

  5. barnze Says:

    True mate as it looks to be a good area to eat in but to close to the stray bullets.

  6. farmer_dave Says:

    i might try a meal in the big wok when iam up in nottingham soon, they didnt take long to start opening things in the old co-op building, it will also be good to have a look round inside the old building to see what they have done to it, and not been in libertys for ages lol last time i was in there was probly 5 years ago and had a crap pint of beer , sushi is raw fish isnt it ?

  7. barnze Says:

    Sushi is the rice,Sashimi is the raw fish,ya don’t have to have raw fish as sushi comes with veg or meat,Nice stuff give it a go.The inside of the old co-op building ain’t to be seen inside the big wok as they have partition walls up but i hope someone keeps a bit of the old stuff on view.

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