Ahh the sunday dinner.


There’s nowt like the smell you get from the kitchen on a sunday morning as the roast beef is cooking away i reckon,well there is the smell of the full English cooking (No black pudding) and of course the aroma of a curry is fantastic,Let’s just say that food cooking smells good n leave it at that eh?

It’s been a good few days while we have been off together but that has come to an end all to soon,mind you we do have a night at the theatre booked in April so not long before we get another hand holding session,Ahh that’s amore.

The cat population around Barnze Towers has grown as we have two new cats shitting in our garden now,Mind you a few paint balls will shift um i reckon,Dirty fucking things they are,Why do folks take um as pets then allow um to shit all over the place is beyond me !!!!

Anyroad i’m off to watch a few episodes of The adventures of Robin Hood   and bathe in the roasting meat fumes,Have a good one and stay safe.

5 Responses to “Ahh the sunday dinner.”

  1. cappy Says:

    can’t remember the last time i had a proper sunday dinner!

    but i do miss them!

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    what ever happened to Sunday roasts? I will be speakin to Caz. Problem wi cats is they go where they want n shit where they want. I supplied my neighbours wi cat repelent n it works. Give em re-fills every now n then so they’re ok with our brood.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    Wow, that looks tasty even after it was eaten! Good one… Here’s to a great week. Cheers!

  4. barnze Says:

    Come on ya gotta have a roast on a Sunday,Well not every Sunday but it is the done thing,Mind you i hate them frozen dinners so if your having a roast have a proper un! None of that aunt bessie shite!

  5. cappy Says:

    the only thing with sunday dinners, is the time it takes to make, and wash up after.
    maybe if we had a dishwasher?

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