Oh well.

A surprise last night to turn up for work to be met by the boss,seems that there was a technical glitch this week and as i was last at the scene i am to blame so i have been suspended pending an investagation,Shit always rolls down hill as the saying goes.Hey if i fucked up i’m happy to hold my hands up to it! Shit happens!

So that’s it for this week at the factory,As luck would have it Mrs B was at a late meeting at work so we met up at the Bell for a pint on the way home to discuss the latest shit to stick to my shoes,then home for a quiet night in,Mind you i did have to stay up late before going to bed due to me getting up a 14:00 and being wide awake.

As i had some unexpected spare time i was going to take my PC up to the repair shop today but it’s lashing down at the moment so i will hang on to see if it stops.

It never rains eh?

I see that the council have a budget for the Smoking Police so i am wondering if i should apply for a job with them,i reckon i would make a great fag plod me.

Anyroad i’m off for a brew n a fag,Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe.

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11 Responses to “Oh well.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    You in’t union? Lemme know if yer need any advice mate.

    Saw the thing on fag police. We really are the new Soviet Union aren’t we?

  2. AuntJackie Says:

    Have a brew and a fag for me too, since I don’t have either (except occasional brew)… And I’ll have a Valium for you! lol j/k

  3. barnze Says:

    @ 4D..I’m a union member but i dont think owt will come of it so no need to start the ball rollong…YET!

    @ AJ..Ahh the chill pill.

  4. Pinksy Says:

    Hope it sorts itself out matey

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    bad luck mate, and have a fag and a beer and see what happens monday

  6. Flank Says:

    I don’t know what has happened, but I was at the Factory on Friday night as your replacement. I was told that you had been given some time off. I was a little worried has I thought you may have had a personal or family problem. I would have phoned you, but I thought it best not to bother you. Looking back on the shift, I do now recall that the atmosphere was a little bland. I now feel like some sort of Judas. Sorry Mate!. Just hope that everything turns out for the better. I am sure it will!!.

  7. cappy Says:

    hope it resolves itself! been there, done that!

    granted, mine WAS my own doing, but you have my sympathy!

  8. John A Thomson Says:

    Remember to admit nothing and to ask for a witness of your choosing to be present at any disciplinary meetings.

    You can seek legal advice from ACAS and your local CAB – all free. ACAS are excellent at this stuff.

  9. Mal the Plod Says:

    Don’t trust the Jock!!

  10. barnze Says:

    Cheers for the words of support you lot,I reckon once the problem has been looked into i will be back to work on wednesday with no probs,Just a technical fuck up and nowt to do with me,Flank you made me laff calling ya sen a Judas,a shift is a shift and as i have been paid i have no problem with the suspension,i suppose it has to be seen to bedone right nowadays.

    Cheers again & have a good one.

  11. barnze Says:

    How wrong could i be?

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