Doing the bizz.

I got my PC back to the shop yesterday,mind you i found the bloke a bit rude to deal with,telling me that if it was something i had done it would be charged for??? The new drive they fitted don’t work so why be rude like that? I know it’s convenient having a local repair shop just up the road but i shall take my business elsewhere after they have put my system right,A poor customer service realy lets me down there so a Stephanieum Award goes to the new owners of the shop.And well deserved!

Off out today for a few frames of Bowling with Mrs B and i feel that the trophey will be back in my hands in a few hours and the loser gets to pay for dinner so the game is on!

Good to see a bit of justice done in the local paper and not more crime,mind you i suppose the weekends madness will be in the papers on Monday..We shall see!

Anyroad i just finished my bacon sanger and a brew n it’s time for a shave n a shower in preparation for the bowling..Well looking forward to giving the trophy a polish!

Have a good one and stay safe.

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3 Responses to “Doing the bizz.”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    What’s the betting the computer shop finds something that makes it your fault!!!!

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Male pride at stake. The trophy must return to it’s rightful spot on your side of the mantelpiece.

  3. barnze Says:

    They can try John but i never got chance to fuck it up.
    Oh and pride dented 4D….

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