Thank fuck it’s Friday,has time been dragging or what?

We are off out tonight for a meal and a couple of bottles of wine, not sure where we are going as Mrs B is sorting the venue but where ever it is i’m sure we shall have a good time.As i have said before  anywhere with Mrs B is a good place to be! Reminds me of the Queen song “Your my best friend“! Ain’t love grand?

The PC still ain’t right as it just shuts down every now n then so i gotta find a repair shop pretty smartish,Don’t ya just hate um when they go bad?

Anyroad i got a bit to do today so i’m off,have a good weekend and stay safe out there.

2 Responses to “Time…”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    Yes the week has been a long one for me too… Let’s have a great weekend to spite them all!!! 😀

  2. cappy Says:

    ah T.R.H.P.S. coming to sheffield in july, and i have been promising wifey for at least 13 years that i would take her to see it! must keep THAT promise!
    where’s me stockings?

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